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Baker Mayfield does not regret Hue Jackson calling and calling him fake: “I will not change for anyone”

BEREA, Ohio – Baker Mayfield does not regret Hue Jackson calling or even calling him false despite the national criticism…

BEREA, Ohio – Baker Mayfield does not regret Hue Jackson calling or even calling him false despite the national criticism he receives.

“No, everyone likes to make things bigger than they really are, it’s just how it is,” he said. “People took it as I personally attack shades, but that’s not it. That’s the fact that I get my own opinion about how it turned out and he gotta do what he wanted. So it is.”

“Although I is an athlete, I’m not a cake-cutter quarterback, never been, never will be. I’m talking to you. It’s just how I am, so I did not like the move and people do not care. I’m not looking for someone’s approval. I do not regret any of it. It’s about this team and what we have and we have to keep together and play together. “

But does Jackson call False on Instagram in response to ESPN First Take Damien Woody telling Mayfield to grow up?

” It’s just things that happened inside the building that I will not come into detail with that is internal information and it does not matter, “he said.” We have moved on. We have our coach right now. We have our players and we have success so we have to focus on it. “

Pressed to elaborate on what he meant by it, he said:” I understand, but I do not need to get into details. Thus it works. “

Questioned it once later at his 1

5-minute press conference, he told a reporter:” You’re busy with that word, right? “[19659002] He also had no problems with his brother, Matt Mayfield, who chimed in after him on the First Take” grow up “video and said his brother did not go to fake friendship or respect for a coach who” a) did do not have your back and b) were both unique and statistically bad at work. “”

“He is protective,” says Mayfield. “That’s what you want for the family too. I expect some of these guys in this wardrobe to go to war with me too. That’s just how it is.”

Although Mayfield’s negative feelings towards Jackson may have contributed to his firing, Mayfield said he did not obey.

“No, no,” he said. “It’s their decision to do, and I trust them to make the right decision. So it’s not about it and right now I’ve talked about that situation and so we hope we’re moving forward and the focus on us is to play one Good team this week, a team that won eight matches in one line and we have to be ready to play. “

Jackson denied a request from to answer Mayfield’s comments, but a source near Bengal’s assistant said he does not have a clue what Mayfield talks about and he supported him from before the draft until he was fired. Jackson did not spend much time with Mayfield as offensive coordinator Todd Haley did because he watched the entire team while Haley was calling the gigs.

Mayfield said his feelings about Jackson was not affected by Haley, who was fired an hour after Jackson for which owner Jimmy Haslam described the internal discord between the two coaches.

“No, not at all,” says Mayfield. “I think after all I’ve said, do not let anyone decide how to think of me or make my decisions. I’ve always been my own person and developed these choices and listened to them around me. But at the same time I make the decisions. “

Mayfield was asked about his Instagram’s” fake “comment and remark about Jackson’s 30-plus losses was a way to galvanize the team that has gone 2-1 in Brown’s used to use Jackson’s failure to cincinnati as a rallying call to help them to beat Bengals 35-20 on Sunday.

“I do everything for one purpose,” says Mayfield. “So when someone comments on my story when they really do not know anything about it, I can express my opinion just like he’s on a chat show that expresses him. So I’m entitled to it and there are some things about myself as, yes, I’m going to help this one.

“But I’m not trying to make a distraction in any way. I think everyone in this closet knows it. So the people on the outside can say what they want. Inside this storage room we have each other. “

He said that Interview coach Gregg Williams has not said anything to him about the flap.

” We had a victory Monday and then we go yesterday and today were quite busy so no I have not had the chance to talk with him, “he said.” So we’ll see if it’s happening along the way. But right now they expect me to handle things correctly and say the right things and lead this way correctly. “

Does it disturb him when critics claim that quarterbacks like Drew Brees and Peyton Manning would not behave this way or say such things about a former coach? Fox Sports One’s Colin Cowherd, a long-standing critic of Mayfields, have done this for one.

“It does not bother me,” Mayfield said. “They are their own person. I’m not trying to be just like them. Yes, there are things I absolutely admire about both of these guys, but I never try to be someone else. I will be the best version of myself and that’s what got me here. “

Likewise, Mayfield is not bugged by accusations that this eliminates the maturation problems he had in Oklahoma where he, among other things, took his scrap on the Kansas sideline during a game last season and was charged with public poisoning, disorderly behavior and fled the arrest for an event on a night out.

“Some Oklahoma mistakes that move in similar sidelines and are arrested, no? “said Mayfield.” It’s the only mistake I made in Oklahoma. People are perplexed confused with being 100 percent comfortable in my own skin. So that’s definitely how I am, I’ve always been so. That’s not the case. It’s me who I am every day. Being the same guy for our team and I think it’s very important to us right now. “

Mayfield acknowledged that he has learned to handle criticism over the years because so few believed in him and he had to fight and complain about everything he received. He went to college twice at Texas Tech and Oklahoma and kicked up with antics like planting the flag at the Ohio Stadium. Often he was in the storm’s eye, and to this day he still has wavy critics.

“I also think that’s a lot about my whole life,” says Mayfield. “Everyone always has an opinion and you’re entitled to it, but you have to block it and if I do not do my job, that’s what I do not want to play,” he said. “So I have an opinion and I’m entitled but the most important thing is that I do my job and I can handle both, and that’s what people do not understand. Yes, a quarterback that is a little different than some of the guys to have a voice but that’s just how I’ve always been and I will not change for anyone. “

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