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Baker Mayfield and Philip Rivers take control: Week 12 in NFL

Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images [19659006] But Lynn saw something else – small mistakes caused major problems. The cardinals were hard counting the loaders' aggressive pass speed, which was a problem and communication failure led to bad joints. Ideal? No. Correctable? Yes. And if the team were as resilient as Lynn has always thought, the fixers would come fast. "We sign up to play four quarters, and it was only the first 12 minutes of game, "Lynn said. "And the first 12 minutes did not go, sure. But it did not surprise me that these guys kept fighting and continued to compete because they are very resistant. That's what they've always done. So I fully expected. VRENTAS: Top 2019 headcoaching candidates whose carousel starts spinning The charges did not allow another point and made 45. And now head off to Pittsburgh for a big AFC showdown of 8-3, just a game behind the managers of the division and stuck in the track to catch one of the conference's two playoff cities. Many of us have had the dec 2 games circled for a while. Because it's here the ladders can finally call it. 19659002] "It's a good place for a football match," Lynn said. "It will be fun. They bent it, which will make it even more fun, and we look forward to it. My focus was clear on this game today, but as soon as the game was over? Yes, I was thinking of Pittsburgh. And we arrive…

Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images [19659006] But Lynn saw something else – small mistakes caused major problems. The cardinals were hard counting the loaders’ aggressive pass speed, which was a problem and communication failure led to bad joints. Ideal? No. Correctable? Yes. And if the team were as resilient as Lynn has always thought, the fixers would come fast.

“We sign up to play four quarters, and it was only the first 12 minutes of game, “Lynn said. “And the first 12 minutes did not go, sure. But it did not surprise me that these guys kept fighting and continued to compete because they are very resistant. That’s what they’ve always done. So I fully expected.

VRENTAS: Top 2019 headcoaching candidates whose carousel starts spinning

The charges did not allow another point and made 45. And now head off to Pittsburgh for a big AFC showdown of 8-3, just a game behind the managers of the division and stuck in the track to catch one of the conference’s two playoff cities.

Many of us have had the dec 2 games circled for a while. Because it’s here the ladders can finally call it. 19659002] “It’s a good place for a football match,” Lynn said. “It will be fun. They bent it, which will make it even more fun, and we look forward to it. My focus was clear on this game today, but as soon as the game was over? Yes, I was thinking of Pittsburgh. And we arrive at them first in the morning, if not tonight. “


Down 24-17, Steelers high octane break had primarily from the Denver 3-yard line that came out out of the warning’s two-minute warning. Believe it or not, it really took a defensive call from Broncos to get the three stops they needed to send Ben Roethlisberger and companies who packed their first loss since September.

The front Broncos rolled Out there there is a variation of Buddy Ryan’s old bear defense. We’ll let Denver coach Vance Joseph take it from there. “19659002” It’s our inner 5 defense, we call it Cub Free, “Joseph said after the phone after victory.” There is really a 46 defense with an additional defender to fill. And it’s designed to stop the driving game of course, and then play leverage on the slot machine. Our D-linemen obviously play the game first, and then they pop [into coverage] for the passport. So we knew that passport would not be our premium for that call, but if he threw it it would be short and over the middle.

Eric Lutzens / Denver Post via Getty Images

“So we have a low-ball player and we have a guy who pops in the hole. It was a good conversation of [coordinator] Joe Woods, something we are practicing all the time. The first level was the same defense, Chris Harris makes the game on the inverted fade. The other down we stop driving. And the third down was Shelby’s play. “

Shelby is Shelby Harris, who spent the first three years of his career on and off training pads (and became a father for the first time three days ago) before finding a home in Denver in 2017. At the game he worked outside the center of Steel Maurkice Pouncey, subtly falling to a place where Roethlisberger could lose him .

And losing him did Roethlisberger. Big Ben swung the ball right above Harris’s head, and Harris stretched to lift it for a whistle and put a 24-17 win to bed. The wine pumped more life this year’s Broncos, which remained dead by many (I will include myself here) a few weeks ago.

It’s the second straight week as a big defensive game (after Miller picks against chargers) has driven Denver last week, sparking a comeback, this week beats one and Joseph does not see it as a mistake.

“Our team has done a lot of work and we played some good football in the last two months, and we have come up against some very good opponents,” said Joseph. “I said to the boys,” That Here’s a reward for your work and your belief in what we do. “There was no way that the work we put in and the good football we played in the last two months was not” T will be rewarded. “

” Some of the the conversation and some of the balls bounced the wrong way against us, but now we get some of these conversations, we’ll get the ball bouncing us. “[19659002] VIKINGS-PACKERS: Cousins, The Crisis In Critical Showdown

And it sets for an interesting december in Denver. Broncos is now playing a game out of the AFC wildlife position, while the rest of the slate looks quite manageable – in Cincinnati, San Francisco, toward Cleveland, in Oakland, vs. Chargers.

It is also interesting that Broncos is here now, considering that so much of this s song in Denver has been spent discussing franchise’s future, with Joseph’s place in doubt. He has also heard that and seems to be aware that there is a way to effectively take care of it.

“I’m fine. My focus is now on the Bengals, says second-year coach.” It’s never about my job, it’s about the players and the coaches. That’s who I’m focusing on. When you do a good job and you play good football you will be rewarded. So I’m not focused on anything other than Bengals and our football team and win every day and win winning every game. What happens after the season happens.

“It’s about Broncos now.”

And Broncos is again relevant in the AFC.

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So Buffalo is a team that does not come to AFC playoffs. But any team that is being played will tell you that Sean McDermott has the group who strikes his ass. And this week they got a reason: to defend their starting quarterback.

This week’s Tweet see the specific shot that Jalen Ramsey took in the Buffalo rookie in April after he was drafted. Sure, Allen’s teammates saw it and resonated with them, which is part of why the Sunday’s date with the Jaguar became chippy to a point where, afterwards in Jaguar’s RB Leonard Fournette and Bills DE Shaq Lawson quared as a boxer,

Jeffrey T Barnes / AP / REX / Shutterstock

“I do not want to, I do not think anyone wants any of the extracurricular things we had, especially when it breaks out in a mood like it did,” said McDermott on the phone on Sunday . “But when you try to build a team, and some things are said about your young quarterback before the young man even rose in the field, something about this and the people says they come to his defense.”

MNF PREVIEW: Andy Benoit With What To Look For In Texans-Titans

The good news is that Buffalo found a way to channel that energy correctly during the game, most of the way, build a 14-0 lead and then come out in front of 24-14 in the second half before hanging out for the 24-21 win.

It puts Buffalo at 4-7, which is modest until you think of the circumstances in 2018. This, as we described in this space earlier, is the year the bills take the ball for the mistakes of the former regimes. There are only five Buffalo draft still popping around there before McDermott arrival. The bills carry more than $ 50 million in dead money, which means that almost one third of the cap is taken up by guys who are not on the team.

They expected to fight. But the efforts have been consistent, partly because of the cultural basis the bills made last year to make playoffs in McDermott’s first season and partly because of the types of guys they have focused on bringing in.

ORR: Why Gronkowski is important to the patriots

“It’s human capital – it’s people,” says McDermott. “People willing to work through these types of times that can build strength. You look back to my early days in Philly, early days in Carolina-we learned from the shocks we grew and these things make you stronger during the coming years. You will make them fall back in the next few years. Some teams would go south, and that’s what I’m most proud of now.

“This is a resilient group, and it will only be stronger And the nice part is, these guys are the ones who will learn next year’s crop. “

Winnings have not been easy to come by, of course. But consider the bills to come through the difficult part now, just passing a Jaguars team that beat them out of January’s final play. The same Jaguar by the way, were all in for 2018.

And as a result, it seems quite clear who is in a healthier place forward.


How can the frames have Advice With All These Guys?

It’s a question you heard in the spring that Rams signed or traded for a number of big names, high-priced veterans, and one that seemed relevant again last Monday when LA came on the heads of waves under a 54-51 winner of a victory. As this game is being resonated so much, I thought a week later, it was worth explaining how a NFL team can do such a high payrolling effort.

The answer is also quite simple. you must be effective with the space space you’ve left over and the best (only?) The way to do it is to work out well, where was the story of the Los Angeles 2017 rookie class recording. Ramsna was without a first round choice (traded as part of the deal to move up and get Jared Goff 2016), and coaches Sean McVay and GM Les Snead only learned each other.

Ram’s first choice was 44th overall. Their second choice was the 69th choice. And they knew how to mitigate the drawback – with McVay and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips very specific to what they wanted in each position. That way, Rams would not look at all the same places as other teams and might find players who were more valuable to them than others later.

“Our job is to elaborate players who have the potential to fulfill a specific role,” explains Snead, by text, on Sunday. “When our players are able to actually fulfill that role, it is up to them to apply what our coaches learn, and to [equals] production.”

It has so far …

TE Gerald Everett, South Alabama (44th election): Ramsna liked his athleticism to generate to create undue matches, his ball skills and his capacity for aftermath when he saw him as a Jordan Reed type in McVay’s crime. He has only 18 catches this year but made the matching 40-yard touchdown against K.C.

WR Cooper Bargain (69th): The Rams saw Bargain as a legitimate site for the flexibility to play outside, which is important considering how much McVay moves his recipient around. Bargain has more than delivered-he had 40 catches for 566 meters and six touchdowns through eight games this season before he blew his ACL a few weeks back.

S John Johnson (91th): Security was not a pressing need, but Johnson’s ratings were excellent, and he projected right into the back of Wade Philips’s defense. From a cultural point of view, the Frames saw Johnson as a fit due to his tough, hard game style. He has since started 22 matches, including all 11 this year, and has three pickups, 74 tackles and eight passages.

WR Josh Reynolds (117th): Coming from the second day of the 2017 draft, Ramsna saw a recipient marked as a starting caliber who sat there and their determination to fix the position pushed them to double up behind the bargain. Like Johnson, the score was too good for the team to pass. Reynolds has 13 catches for 178 meters and three touchdowns this year and moves into a bigger role with Kupp’s injury.

OLB Samson Ebukam (125th): Should be the choice at 117 if Reynolds was not there, so LA acted to get a guy they saw with the potential of being an explosive urgent edge rusher. He was not invited to the combinat, so Rams took him in for a top 30 visit. Ebukam has validated all the work Rams did to him by becoming a starter and scoring twice on the defense in K.C. showdown.

Okay, so there are five draft picks, all outside the top 40. Do you want to guess the price tag for these guys?

It’s $ 4 482 million on the cap, 2.5 percent of the 2018 limit for teams. And if you can swing such a success – and it’s not easy to hit that low-that’s how you can handle 10 guys making more $ 7 million on your hat without the bottom of your list being a problem.



There were no close others to Patriots recipients / rewrites Cordarrelle Patterson’s explanation for grasping the northern regions of Jets defensive line champion Henry Anderson. We get more on this important story in a few.


I appreciate a good grudge – and it turns out that the bills are doing a good grudge, as well as their 22-year-high quarterback, Josh Allen, who spit Jalen Ramsey’s “bending” celebration after he ran through Jaguar’s linebacker Myles Jack for the forward-looking touchdown in yesterday’s victory. Buffalo’s official account did not come with Ramsey either after he dug up the kickback of his …


I usually go into the football weekend with the expectation that everything can happen. And that expectation was fulfilled on Sunday when I finished tweeting with fiancées to a football player who forced his maneuver on national television on Sunday. S / o to Sarin Rorie to make this whole even more … nuts … than it already was.


Not a good afternoon at the office of Hue. A better, though, for Seahawks, who distinguishes a giant victory in Charlotte with NFL’s best touchdown celebration through the first three months of the season …

S / O to …

Bryson Thompson, the brave seven year old holy fan who helped to find helmets4 helmets with her brother Brock. Bryson’s story-very well told on Thanksgiving morning by my friend Jane Slater of NFL Network- is quite incredible. Bryson suffers up to 100 epileptic seizures a day due to his condition and must wear a helmet as a result. When diagnosed, his grandfather, former saint, Stan Brock, thanked the team for telling the situation, and they responded by making a custom helmet for the boy to wear. Since then, he and his brother came up with the idea of ​​collecting sports memorials, including many signed football helmets, to auction so that other children with the same state can have helmets like him to wear. It is a rather remarkable story of a rather remarkable child, one that is very worth the seven minutes of your time to go and watch.


NFL takeaways from the college’s football weekend. 19659002] 1. I will not boast, I will not gloat, I will not gloat …

2. A big takeaway from Saturday’s Ohio State-Michigan showdown was how Buckey’s QB Dwayne Haskins -based protection was in complete command. Although there are questions about his mobility and pacemaking, his speaker has solely put him in the discussion to be the first quarterback to go in April, he would explain. And he has help. A veteran evaluator struck me Sunday to say this: “Ohio State’s Trio of Senior Recipients- (Parris) Campbell, (Terry) McLaurin and (Johnnie) Dixon -all have NFL talent. is difficult for detectives to properly evaluate a school’s recipient group in the fall if they have more than two, so all three of these guys can undergo the delay process when [scouts] has more time to go through “all goals” cutups. “[19659002] KLEMKO: Former Alabama players believe that tidal could win in NFL

3. And while we’re there, it’s worth mentioning that Buckey’s OC Ryan Day was the man Mike Vrabel wanted to drive his Titan’s crime. Day, who was in his fourth job in four years, stayed in Columbus, partly for family reasons. But he has NFL experience, with coaches in Philly and San Francisco under Chip Kelly, and I expect him to draw NFL interest in January.

4th A few other names that NFL guys have been on may potentially modernize someone’s crimes: Fired Texas Tech Trainer Kliff Kingsbury and West Virginia Offensive Coordinator Jake Spavital . Both have deep Air Raid roots, and both have a lot of experience as players.

5th Alabama held Auburn’s racing game 130 yards on 43 berries and registered three sacks and five hurried on Jarrett Stidham, who further cemented the ropes of the internal duo Quinnen Williams and Raekwon Davis . An exec was quick to point at the two when I asked what was going on over the whole weekend weekend’s football weekend.

2019 PROPOSAL: Team Requirements, Goal in Over Half of the Draft

6. In line with that question, Marquise Brown strengthened from an AFC school director: “[Oklahoma WR] solidified as a top 40 pick-up when his team needed him.” I asked if the 5 “168-pound burner compares with DeSean Jackson (just the name that popped in my head).” For some, he would, “said this evaluator.” DeSean had the return factor, DeSean was a little scared with the ball in the hands. But Brown has better hands and is a bit better by a runner at the same time. “Translation: Brown, who went for 243 meters and two points of 11 catches, can play.


1. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was only 9 of 15 for 104 meters in the second half on Sunday, and Green Bay did not go to the final zone for the last 30 minutes. Part of it was due to a slight emphasis that the crew coached during the break. The visitors and their QB tried to get the Minnesota defense with motions missions and game actions, so eye discipline became a focus – because Packers had got the Vikings a bit of “flash” in the first half. “They Broke With Our Eyes” Vikings DE Danielle Hunter told me after the match. “About they do not have it, we are pretty basic to do the other things and prevent them from going down the field. “The rest was truly academic for Minnesota. All the time, the Vikings followed Mike Zimmer to use their ends to Pin Rodgers in his pocket, and he tackles to create pressure. The third part, to eliminate the blitz game, forced Rodgers to make lower percentage throws from frequent quarters, which is not a good way for any quarterback to win. “You affect the quarterback,” said Hunter, “you have a chance.” And now, the Vikings, on 6-4-1 with a trip to Foxboro on Heck, also have one.

2nd Hard to say the same to packing packers who have now lost six matches in four straight seasons and risk losing the off season for the second straight year after eight consecutive exhibitions (2009-16). There is really a thinking out there that both Mike McCarthy and the organization can benefit from a change. Remember, it was here Andy Reid was in 13 and 14 in Philly and McCarthy is now in year 13 in Green Bay. Maybe something new landscape would be good for McCarthy, as it was for Reid.

BENOIT: Who’s going to blame Green Bay-McCarthy or Rodgers?

3rd Seahawk WR Tyler Lockett and his teammates noted something on tape this week as they thought it would be quite easy to exploit – how the panthers actually hit a puzzle game like you should in basketball. It led to some improvisation on Sunday which ended the Seattle game . Towards third and five in the last two minutes, with the game tied to 27, Lockett leaned out on Carolina CB Corn Elder. At the snap he drove a hitch, and Doug Baldwin, inside him, ran a seam. Lockett saw the switch. Elder went deep with Baldwin and Captain Munnerlyn shaved from the castle to get him. “Det var någonting vi pratat om, och jag kom ihåg det på flugan, så när jag sprang min väg såg jag att nickel killen sprang ut på mig och hörnet lämnade mig och gick till Doug,” Lockett. “När jag såg att det var dags att scramble såg jag ingen djup och så tog jag ett skott, gick djupt och Russell [Wilson] kunde hitta mig och vi kopplade.” Som Lockett förklarar det fanns det ingen garantera Wilson skulle se hans väg. Men med det rätta skyddet, och utan annat bra alternativ, fann QB ut var Lockett var. Forty-three yards later, Seattle was lining up the game-winning field goal.

JONES: Seahawks seize the upper hand in wild-card race with win in Carolina

4. Speaking of Carolina, it’s starting to feel like the Panthers are at risk of losing a great Cam Newton season because of that spotty defense. Newton was excellent against Sunday (25 of 30, 256 yards, two TDs, one INT), the Panthers rushed for 256 yards on just 25 carries, and Christian McCaffrey had his most productive day as a pro (17 carries, 125 yards and a TD; 11 catches, 112 yards and another TD). And somehow it wasn’t enough.

5. Since it seems like we saw the value of paying a backup quarterback in how the Bears’ Chase Daniel played on Thanksgiving for an injured Mitchell Trubisky (Daniel is making just over $4 million this year), I figured I’d ask his coach, Matt Nagy, what jumped out at him about Daniel’s performance. “Biggest impression is just his complete command in our meetings, in the huddle at practice, and with us coaches reviewing the game plan each day,” Nagy texted Sunday. “We knew he’d play well and just be himself. He stayed composed all game long and made some great decisions and throws throughout that game. He’s a natural born leader and we’re very lucky to have him.” I asked Nagy if he had to change anything to accommodate Daniel, and he responded, “Not one thing.”

ORR: Cordarelle Patterson, Henry Anderson, and the stuff that goes on under the pile

6. The Rueben Foster case is another example of how talent affords football players second and third and fourth and however many chances. In April 2017, the 49ers moved swiftly to cut corner Tramaine Brock after he was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. Those same Niners have been much more judicious with Foster, a first-round pick, because of his prodigious talent. And in being judicious with him, I can see where they got close to him, before finally cutting the cord after his arrest at the team hotel in Tampa on suspicion of domestic violence over the weekend. “I can tell you it’s extremely disappointing for me, for Kyle [Shanahan]for ownership, for everybody in here, because we care a lot about Reuben,” Lynch told reporters. “I can tell you it’s a situation where we laid out some very specific ground rules for Reuben, as we do all our players. We have a set of standards in place that the players were involved with developing. In this case, it was communicated and made exceptionally clear, to the point, what we expected out of him. And unfortunately what transpired yesterday, this isn’t a comment on that, because that would be mere speculation on our part. It’s more a comment on him not living up to what we had communicated, and to the energy and the time we’ve invested in him. That doesn’t mean that we don’t love him, we all do. But we feel like it’s in the best interest of our organization to move on at this point.”

7. The Bucs being unafraid of Jameis Winston getting hurt tells me the door is still ajar for him to be in Tampa in 2019. He threw the ball 38 times on Sunday against the Niners, and ran it another seven times, all of which put him in a harm’s way at a time when even a moderate injury could trigger his $20.9 million option for 2019 vesting, which would make it fully guaranteed.

8. John Harbaugh’s call on Lamar Jackson is going to be complicated—the rookie completed 14 of 25 throws on Sunday for 178 yards, a score and two picks, and he ran for 71 yards on 11 carries in a 34-17 win over a bad Oakland team. Organizationally, it probably behooves the Ravens to get Jackson playing time, but Harbaugh might not be around for the fruits of that experience, making this situation a tad more complex.

9. Credit to the Eagles for showing some fight. Their injury issues in the secondary are bad, and offensive line could use some improved health too. But to be able to come back from a 19-3 deficit against the Giants with their season more or less on the line isn’t nothing. The problem is, the road gets much tougher for Philly from here—Redskins twice, Cowboys, Rams, Texans.

10. I wrote on Friday night on Bob McNair, and you can check it out here. He leaves behind a legacy that was complicated significantly over the last year, for obvious reasons.


What’s fascinating about tonight’s Texans-Titans matchup on ESPN? I’m more than a little interested to see Mike Vrabel, the defensive coach who faced Deshaun Watson every day in practice during Watson’s rookie year (when Vrabel was Houston’s DC) reach into his bag of tricks to try to slow the super soph and his red hot Texans.

I do like the Texans at home, in a close, low-scoring one—let’s say 23-20.

And as a PSA, Thursday Night Football isn’t half bad this week, with the Cowboys hosting the Saints. Just so you don’t inadvertently skip it.

See you guys in a few hours for the Monday Afternoon QB!

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