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Backstage News on the Idea of ​​Ronda Rousey Vs. Charlotte At WWE Survivor Series, possible plans

November 19, 2018 Entertainment 1 Views WWE Survivor Series match between Charlotte Flair and RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey was…

WWE Survivor Series match between Charlotte Flair and RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey was designed to get Flair back as she once was.

In the game, WWE officials really wanted Flair to be over when it was done, according to Dave Meltzer at Wrestling Observer Radio. That does not mean they want her to be a babyface, but they want Flair to be viable again and worth a sweat with Rousey. The first meeting with Rousey was never meant to be a single business area as originally planned for WrestleMania 35.

There is no solid word yet where they go now but Meltzer speculated that we could see a follow-up at Royal Rumble in January, and then possibly a Triple Threat with Flair, Rousey and SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 35 in April.

WWE officials wanted to have three super-super female superstars coming from the Survivor Series. They knew they already had Rousey and Lynch but they wanted Flair back with the match last night. Flair was cooled a bit during the early part of his feast with Lynch and the match on Survivor Series was intended to get her back.

As seen below, Flair has done some health related tweets since the match:

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