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AWS is bringing the cloud on premise with Outposts – TechCrunch

AWS has always been the pure cloud vendor, and even though it has given a hybrid, it is now fully…

AWS has always been the pure cloud vendor, and even though it has given a hybrid, it is now fully embracing it. Today in conjunction with VMware, it announced a couple of options to bring AWS into the data center.

Yes, you read it correctly. You can now put AWS into your data center with AWS hardware, the same design they use in their own data centers. The two new products are part of AWS Outposts.

There are two Outpost variations &#821

1; VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts and AWS Outposts. The first uses the VMware control panel. The second allows customers to run computing and storage on-premises using the same AWS APIs that are used in the AWS cloud

In fact, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger joined AWS CEO Andy Jassy on stage for a joint announcement. De to firmaerne har jobbet sammen for at få VMware til AWS Cloud. Part of this announcement flips that on its head bringing the AWS cloud on premise to work with VMware. In beide gevallen, AWS verkoopt u hun hardware, installeert het als u dat wenst, en zal het even voor u handhaven.

Dit is een gebied dat AWS heeft gelegd, preferring de visie van een cloud, in plaats van terug te gaan naar het datacenter , men det er en tacit kvittering at kunder ønsker at operere i begge steder for den forehandlede fremtid.

The announcement also extends the company’s cloud-native like vision. On Monday, the company announced Transit Gateways, which is designed to provide a single way to manage network resources, whether they live in the cloud or on-prem.

Now AWS is bringing its cloud on prem, something that Microsoft, Canonical , Oracle and others have had for some time. It’s worth noting that today’s announcement is a public preview. The actual release is expected in the second half of next year.

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