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Autoplay comes to the YouTube feed for Android, so you can turn it off

Since end of last year , the application of YouTube experiments with the automatic playback of videos in the feed…

Since end of last year , the application of YouTube experiments with the automatic playback of videos in the feed of the users . So far, only a small number of users of the Google video platform, “enjoyed” this feature in tests, but I am afraid that, soon, more and more people will see how the videos on the home page begin to be played automatically, although luckily, without sound.

And is that as they have confirmed from 9to5Google , this functionality, which bears some resemblance to what we can find in the desktop version of YouTube, has begun to reach a greater number of users around the world.

This is how autoplay works in the YouTube feed …

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The name of the tool: “Play while you explore” , already gives us some other clue about its operation. Once the option is enabled, the YouTube feed will show us the thumbnails of the videos on the cover, with the difference that, from now on, those that appear in the foreground will begin to reproduce automatically after a few seconds, showing an extract of the video without sound.

Once the video has started to play automatically, it will appear an icon on the bottom right, which tells users that the video clip includes sound , even though the extract is playing silenced.

And so you can turn it off

In case you want to avoid videos from the home of YouTube are played automatically, it is possible to do so through the settings of the application. Once inside, we should look for the section of Autoplay , Y deactivate the option “Play automatically in Home” .

On the other hand, with this expansion that is taking place, Google has incorporated new configurations with respect to the aforementioned feature, such as the possibility of turn off autoplay only when the device is not connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Everything points to that Google is gradually rolling out this feature in the YouTube app , and it is possible that some users still take several days to receive it. In any case, it is advisable to keep the app updated to the latest version, to receive the latest news as soon as possible.

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