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Automatic Gmail reminders arrive on Android

403 Gmail is going through these days of renewal, and although a few days ago it was starting to activate…


Gmail is going through these days of renewal, and although a few days ago it was starting to activate some new functions for its web version, now we are Android users, who can enjoy a smarter and better organized mail. Google has listened to the needs of users and has included automatic reminders among the Gmail news

These reminders are intended to bypass the usual chronological order of our inbox and make it easier for us to follow the emails that are most important to us.

News in Gmail: do not forget to answer your messages

It has happened to all of us that a very important email comes to our inbox at the worst possible time, either because we walk down the street, either because we are working or simply because we are relaxing with friends and we do not feel like it get to answer messages.

Now Gmail gives you the possibility to activate a reminder so that the messages that we have yet to answer appear in the top of our inbox , something that we can come very well if we are the ones who receive many emails and we run the risk that an important message is buried among other less urgent mails.

Another novelty in Gmail is the power follow our messages sent . More than once it has happened to us that we sent an email of some importance and whose response we hope to receive as soon as possible, but later our mail tray has continued to receive messages and we have lost sight of that answer that was so vital to us.

Automatic Gmail reminders arrive on Android

With this new feature, we can tell Gmail to also place those emails at the top of our inbox, so we can track them much more accurately.

They are undoubtedly two very useful little add-ons that we will have available within the settings in the “response and follow-up” section and that we can activate or deactivate separately.

These Gmail news do not require a specific version of the app, as it seems that they are being made at the server level for all versions, but still, it never hurts to update our Gmail app for what it could happen.

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