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Aurora ICE plant is seeing outbreaks of chicken pox

Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Thursday confirmed that 10 prisoners at an Aurora immigration port facility have quarantined for chickenpox,…

Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Thursday confirmed that 10 prisoners at an Aurora immigration port facility have quarantined for chickenpox, claiming accusations from immigration activists of medical negligence and progression.

Speakers from the ICE and GEO Group, private companies that entered into an agreement to operate the facility, contest claims.

Immigration groups argue that quarantine prevents prisoners from being able to speak face to face with their lawyers, visit the family and attend hearings. They also claim that ICE has not followed their medical protocols in dealing with prisoners.

“People in this detention center are just neglected in general,” said Ana Rodriguez, an organizer of the Colorado People’s Alliance. “People in there do not get the care they need”.

Three prisoners diagnosed with varicella, also known as chickenpox, says ICE in a statement. In addition, seven other quarantines quarantined due to low immunity that increased the risk of being affected by the virus. The 21

-day quarantine continues until October 29, according to the Geo group.

Pamela Resendiz, deputy director of United for a New Economy, says her organization has heard on both fronts differently, claiming that the entire quarantine prison was quarantine, which could drive that number much higher.

There is also a dispute about quarantine still active. Resendiz sent the Denver Post an e-mail from an organizer visiting the detention center and said he was told that the quarantine had been lifted on October 21.

“There is an overall lack of transparency here,” Resendiz said. “A continuous lack of information. There must be liability. “

ICE kicked back Thursday against accusations of abuse.

” The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition. Mourning media advice and news conference are obvious attempts to misinform the public about serious detention issues that are not qualified to deal with – especially without First contact my office in advance, “said Jeffrey Lynch, Head of the ICE Field Office, in statement.

The Geo Group also defended its handling of quarantine.

“We doubt the baseless claims related to the handling of this quarantine and more generally the care provided at Aurora Center, which has a long-standing record that provides high quality, culturally-responsive services in a safe, secure and human environment.” says spokesman Pablo Paez in a statement. “Members of our team strive to treat everyone who is trusted with our care with compassion, dignity and respect.”

At a rally on Thursday afternoon in downtown Denver, earlier prisoners indicated the lack of medical treatment they received at the Aurora Detention Facility.

Isidro Quintana spent five months in the detention center. He said that prisoners would ask the caretaker for medical care, but were mostly ignored.

One day, Quintana said that he witnessed a man who told a guard that he had palpitation.

“The response of the guard was,” you do not look bad for me; You look very well, Quintana said.

In another instance, Quintana said that a man told the guards that he felt suicide and wanted to kill himself. The man was ignored. The next day he said that the human’s symptoms had deteriorated significantly.

“They took him to isolation,” said Quintana. “We never knew what happened to him.”

The privately owned facility has been subject to review for its treatment earlier, including in December 2017 when a 64-year-old Iranian immigrant died of a heart attack in anticipation of expulsion. 19659002] In June, the US Immigration Lawyers Association filed a complaint and demanded a study of “woefully inadequate medical and mental health care” at the detention facility.

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