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Auburn's Asa Martin was transferred after the redshirt was botched

Auburn returns Asa Martin announced Saturday he would transfer from school after just a season with the tigers. Martin, a…

Auburn returns Asa Martin announced Saturday he would transfer from school after just a season with the tigers. Martin, a true freshman in 2018, played in five matches for Auburn this season, his fifth reported to the Mississippi State on October 6th.

Martin’s situation in 2018 was a little weird, mainly because his coach obviously burned his redshirt of an accident.

Per, when Martin entered Auburn’s game against MSU, he had already played in four games for the tigers. NCAA has recently approved a rule that allows true freshman to play up to four matches and still earns a redshirt. spoke to Martine’s mother Sharay Harris and she said she had told Auburn’s offensive co-ordinator Chip Lindsey before the game that used him against MSU to burn her redshirt year. There has been an error on the school’s attendance chart, per seat that was not due to Martin having appeared in a game against Arkansas on September 22:

From Thursday afternoon, the team’s online attendance chart still did not list the correct Martin as having played in the arcade game. It is unclear whether participant faction on the site was something that the coaching staff thought was true during the weeks that followed the game on September 22.

Martin also appeared in the middle of the novel against Liberty. By that time, the Red Hat was already burned.

Auburn coach was apparently under the impression that Martin only played in three games, not four, before the Mississippi state.

“After the Mississippi State game is when another assistant coach said he would redshirt Asa,” Harris said through the newspaper. “By this time he had played five matches.”

“… I’ve just gone away, because Asa and I and his dad already knew that Asa’s red shirt had already been burned in the Mississippi state.”

The new redshirt rule was generally considered a positive as it passed because it could do lots of good things like keeping the freshmen invested, taking the pressure of them a bit by letting them play lower games and giving the teams greater chances of developing them. However, a coaching person who cures a redshirt by counting wrong was not an expected result.

The one who gets Martin will get a gift back.

Martin was a four-star prospect of Alabama in class 201

8, and number 9 drove back in class, per 247Sports Composite.

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