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At Workplace? Stay Away From This!

Most of us spend long periods of time at their workplace , such a thing could be exhausting and differs…

Most of us spend long periods of time at their workplace , such a thing could be exhausting and differs based on every work and its requirements and environment, so in our next couple of paragraphs, we will be talking about the bad habits you could be doing unintentionally at workplace and how to avoid them in order to stay healthy and maintain a high quality of work life, since your work environment should be as relaxing as your home environment, despite work pressure and issues.

Sitting behind your office all day long

This habit is one of the most common bad work habits, as most employees sit for long hours behind their desks, barely doing anything that counts as workout and this is really bad for health as it could lead to many issues, since most studies indicate that you should do some physical activity every 30-90 minutes, as moving can increase productivity and creativity while preventing muscles from cramping and saving you from back, feet and neck aches.

Not keeping hydrated

Most of us drink little amounts of water, especially at work, as it’s often replaced with coffee and other caffeinated drinks and that’s a big mistake as keeping hydrated at your workplace is essential, since it cleanses the body from toxins so you can feel active and fresh and continue your day healthy and strong.

Being messy

A messy dirty desk will prevent you from focusing as you should be and that will keep you distracted, not to mention bacteria and health issues related to lack of hygiene.

Not leaving your office all day long

Many jobs require being inside your office or company all day long and that has a major negative effect on health, as studies have linked exposure to sun light within the right amounts to healthy sleep patterns and being more energetic.


No need to talk much about this world-famous bad habit for we all know its negative effects on the body. In addition, it is worth mentioning that smokers tend to smoke more cigarettes while working. A simple solution for that is to GIVE UP!


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