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At the end of the Actions in Google, your Assistant can already do incredible things …

Without a doubt is the star product of Google , also the one that receives more resources, and is that…

Without a doubt is the star product of Google , also the one that receives more resources, and is that Google Assistant He does not stop improving and growing now that he has finally received his diploma in the language of Cervantes, Spanish.

Not even two weeks ago the California giant presented us with the possibility of send money through the Assistant with the integration of Google Pay, and today we finally know that Google Assistant receives in Spanish the ‘Actions on Google’ , probably the most awaited option since the intelligent assistant land in Spain officially.

These Google Actions were presented at the end of last year with the objective of make the experience grow with the Assistant , and is that the integration with voice services and ‘Bots’ from third parties now offers infinite possibilities , as many as you can think of the best Android developers.

If you have not understood anything, we explain it in a simpler way, from now on The Google Assistant can integrate voice applications from other developers who want to complete the experience of their services. And yes, it’s what it looks like, that means you can do with Assistant everything you can imagine and much more…

A host of novelties from the hand of Tender, Musement, Relax Guru, Akinator, etc. …

Just below the whole you will find in the sources of the article the link to the Google Assistant page where you can see all the available actions in the intelligent assistant of Google, although obviously we wanted to summarize a few so you can open your mouth:

  • Musement will allow you to find attractions and places of interest by just saying “Talk to Musement” and “Find interesting places”.

  • Akinator It is integrated in Assistant so you can play to guess characters with just ask the assistant: “I want to play with Akinator”.

  • There are also new guessing games like “Guess my two numbers”, from questions Trivial type like “Discover the Genie”, and even casual games like the famous “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock” that reminds us of Bing Bang Theory.

  • We also have a bot as Relax Guru that will help us to relax with just saying to the assistant: “Ask Relax Guru to help me sleep”. It is not the only one in this sense, and it is the Noises to relax will automatically seek us for sounds that help to calm the spirit …

Google Assistant in Spanish

  • With Magic 8 Ball we will know our future by asking a cybernetic fortune teller, and Best jokes of parents It will directly bring us short jokes with which to laugh at any time without the need to search.

  • There are also more useful features like To tend , which will bring us tasty cocktails from a database of more than 600 recipes, and Parclick it will help us to look for parking more easily in 170 European cities. If we leave the car at home we can use Madrid buses to ask directly “when does bus 21 pass by stop 2121?”.

  • In these times that are running there is no lack of an expert in cryptocurrency like FinTech Observatory , while another bot As the Finance Guru It will help us make simple calculations with just ask.

  • Finally, we can ask the assistant to communicate with us newspapers such as As, Marca, El Mundo or El País , and ask them the latest news directly. Also the radio chain The 40 integrates to offer direct links to the radio on-line or to the music news.

There is more, we have not reviewed everything because it would take us hours, so if you want to consult everything that Google Assistant can do for you right here below we leave you a link. All third party services are accessed by requesting the assistant , for example, “Talk to … the service that is” .

We encourage you to try it, and if you discover some very interesting service that has been overlooked, leave it to us in the comments to update the article and we all learn more …

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