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At least 1 death in bus accident with basketball team

MCLEAN COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) – At least one adult has died in an interstate 74 crash involving a high school…

MCLEAN COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) – At least one adult has died in an interstate 74 crash involving a high school group, police say.

WEEK reports the bus carrying the girls JV basketball team from the Normal Community West High School. They returned from a game in the Champaign area.

The crash, a main collision between a bus and a half-car, was near Downs in the western parts of I-74. The station says the police blocked 7 miles of traffic in the area near the milestone 136.

The state police said the half-car was on the way wrong on I-74 before meeting the bus. WEEK says that serious damage to the school bus’s front seemed to extend into the second row of places.

The killed adult was 72 years old Normal Community West volunteer Charlie Crabtree, a school district Facebook post says.

McLean County Unit 5 Schools said on Facebook that 11 students were aboard and all had life-threatening injuries. Everybody went to the hospital for treatment. The station says OSF St. Francis in Peoria told them they had an adult in critical condition and two others in serious condition. A fourth was on your way there late Wednesday. Four patients went to OSF St. Joseph’s in Bloomington and were in good condition when the WEEK reached.

By late Wednesday, the state police returned westward I-74 traffic at exit 142 and allowed cars to come back at exit 150. Only one east lane closed at. 11.30

The parents of the players are asked to go to Normal West High School, according to a Facebook post from McLean County Unit 5 schools.

“Staff at hand to school to help students and parents,” said the post. “Please keep our normal West family in your mind.”

There is no information about damage at this time. The story will be updated when more information is released.

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