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Asteroid Greater Than Statue of Liberty to Swing for an Earth Close Approach on Sunday

Just two weeks after a trio of asteroids swung off our planet on November 10th – one of them comes…

Just two weeks after a trio of asteroids swung off our planet on November 10th – one of them comes closer than the moon, as Inquisitr reported at that time – another space rock is due to zoom past the earth this weekend.

Known as the asteroid 2009 WB105, this space rock is significantly larger than the previous three and will dive beyond our planet on Sunday morning and we will look around at around. 7.14 ET.

At the same time, the asteroid 2009 WB105 will weaken the Earth much faster than its three predecessors, flying through space at a speed of about 42,240 miles per hour, reports Asteroids near the ground. It’s almost twice as fast as the asteroid 201

8 VS1 – the fastest of the trio – which slipped off our planet on November 10th at 9:03 ET.

While our last three space visitors have been relatively small spacecrafts – the largest of those measuring almost 100 meters above – the asteroid 2009 WB105 has an estimated diameter from 173.8 feet to 393.7. This means that this item may be even greater than the Statue of Liberty, says The Express .

According to the Center for Near Earth Objectives at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), asteroid 2009 WB105, is classified as an asteroid near the Earth on an Earth Close Approach path. While the spacecraft does not pose a threat to our planet and will surely float past us on November 25, it will be close to the space for the space agency to keep an eye on it.

It’s the path through our solar system will bring the asteroid 2009 WB105 within 3,661 million miles of our planet – or about 15 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. In fact, the spacecraft is going to skim over our planet at exactly 15.14 multitude distances (LD), notes JPL.

Not our first Rodeo

First discovered in 2009, the asteroid 2009 WB105 has been coming around our neck in the woods for a long time. Over the last 20 years, the space stone has made eight avenues of the earth. The upcoming visit will be the ninth since 1998 – and the closest approaches so far registered.

The last time the asteroid popped up for a visit was exactly three years since November 25, 2015. As the lesser plane target noted At that time, the asteroid came within 3.65 million miles from the earth – or 15.31 multitude distances.

Asteroid’s next aerial city of the Earth will be announced November 25, 2021, when 2009 The WB105 will crawl even closer to our planet, slipping in at 15.04 LD.

The room’s closest approach to the ground will take place six years from November 25, 2024 – when the asteroid 2009 WB105 slats to skate past our planet at a distance of 3.59 million miles.

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