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ASEAN: Pence and Bolton talk about the need for cooperation

"Empire and aggression have no place" in the Indo-Pacific region, US Vice President Mike Pence says in a clear sense…

“Empire and aggression have no place” in the Indo-Pacific region, US Vice President Mike Pence says in a clear sense of China’s growing presence in the area and Beijing’s determination to make the South China Sea a sphere of Chinese influence

Associated Press reports that Pence told a summit with South East Asian leaders Thursday in Singapore that Washington sought “an Indo-Pacific area where all nations, big and small, can succeed and thrive – secure in our sovereignty, confident in our values, and grow stronger together.” [19659002] Prior to joining the Southeast Asian Confederation Summit (ASEAN), focusing on economic issues and defense issues encountered by more than 630 million people in 1

0 nations, Pence insisted that US commitment to the region “has never been stronger.”

He also added that US President Donald Trump’s decision to skip the summit, and the 21-member Asia-Pacific economy (APEC)’s Ummit held this weekend in Papua New Guinea, is “not least” a snub.

China President Xi Jinping will be at the APEC meeting in Port Moresby in a move that is interpreted as an indication of the growing importance of the South Pacific to China’s geopolitical goals.

Meanwhile, John Bolton has reported that the United States will consider a second summit with North Korea.

The Korea Times states that US security advisors told the media on the side of the ASEAN meeting that “We have stated to the North Koreans that US President Donald Trump is prepared to have a second summit with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.”

His remarks come as Trump dismissed as “false news”, a report by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies that it had found 13 undeclared North Korean missile bases.

The bases could be used to launch short distances as well as intercontinental balls istic missiles said the report, cited by Bloomberg.

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