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Arrow recap: Season 7, Episode 2

Arrow Season 7 An effective premiere aimed at raising the show's ship while introducing some interesting turns and the second…

Arrow Season 7 An effective premiere aimed at raising the show’s ship while introducing some interesting turns and the second episode continues to build on that table. “The Longbow Hunters” marks the introduction of the season’s new bad guys and also complicates the already unusual dynamics of the former Team Arrow members.

As I mentioned, the episode introduces Longbow Hunters, the trio of killer Ricardo Diaz rented to exactly revenge, yes, all. We first meet the three bad guys – Red Dart, Kodiak, and Silencers – because they infiltrate one of ARGUS’s security houses and steal it’s a superb battery. What makes them stand out from previous villains on the show is that they seem to be having fun when doing their job, especially Red Dart and Silencer, where the latter uses silencing techniques to sneak and kill their enemies. However, I will admit that I think Kodiak is kind of stupid but in a decisive way. It’s like Arrow looked at himself and was like, “Okay, we have a guy with an arrow and an arrow, a sword guy, what’s the next outdated weapon we can give someone? Oh yes, a deadly shield. “(Yes, I know Kodiak is a sign from the series, but still does not mean he uses a shield like an offensive weapon, something less fun).

Anyway, Longbow Hunter’s theft puts everything in motion, including the rising tension between Felicity and Diggle. After her decision to fight back, Felicity is keen to go for Diaz, so when Longbow Hunters comes up she asks Diggle to let her get involved. But, as Diggle reminds her several times, this is ARGUS, not Team Arrow, so Diaz can not be a focus. Part of Diggle’s position is also due to his boss reminding him that charging the battery is their priority because ARGUS is not free from criminal investigations.

Then Felicity takes things in her own hands and recruits Curtis and Rene to help her track along Longbow Hunters. It’s empty when they arrive and in their excitement they accidentally exclude an alarm that erases all data on the laptop. Oh, Diggle also appears with an ARGUS tactical team right at that moment. And cue a firm scolding from Diggle, who has to disclose that ARGUS is so keen on the battery as it can be used to drive an energy weapon.

In the wake of Felicity’s killer in the field, Diggle recalls her computer access on ARGUS, leading to the duo’s first fight in, yes, I do not know when. Felicity accuses Diggle of giving up on Oliver and the mission and even explaining that he rejected Oliver’s wish that he would pick up the Green Arrow jacket. While some of what she says is not quite fair &#821

1; especially that for the last six years clearly does not mean anything to him – it’s easy to understand where she’s from, because she’s lost everything, and it’s also meaningful that she channel her pain in finding Diaz. In addition, the patience that Felicity tries to go after Diaz feels very much in line with how she acted back in season 5 with Prometheus and merged with Helix.

Diggle gives Felicity her space but finally draws her aside to talk a little more and reveals that he did not pick up the hood because he saw what it did for Oliver and Felicity’s family and he could not do it to Lyla and Little John . As Felicity, it’s quite understandable why Diggle made his decision, and I’m glad that the show recognizes both of its views and it never feels like choosing pages.

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