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Arnold Schwarzenegger, George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush's broken leg: What happened in 1991?

What happened the day 1991 to cause Mrs Bush's damage? In an interview on Sunday at CNN's "Union State", anchor…

What happened the day 1991 to cause Mrs Bush’s damage?

In an interview on Sunday at CNN’s “Union State”, anchor Jake Tapper Schwarzenegger asked for a photo of him and the 41st president on a toboggan at the presidential retreat, and the actor and former California governor told the following things : “It was snowing up there and we had this toboggan and (Bush) tried to teach me how to slip it because I was just used to sledding with Austrian sledges that you head straight to your feet. And then we went completely kept out of control, and we crashed of course in Barbara Bush, who broke her leg after it. Therefore he sent me this image. “

The caption, written by Bush, reads,” Arnold &#821

1; Turn, forbid it, turn !! ”

However, in 1991, The Washington Post and The New York Times reported that the first lady broke her leg when she hit a tree after slipping down an ice-covered hill on a sledge. Both newspapers reported Schwarzenegger, who then chaired the president’s advice on physical fitness and sports, was present.

Barbara Bush’s press secretary at that time, Anna Perez, told the Post and Times that the president shouted: “Bail out! Bail out!” when he saw Barbara Bush go down the hill. “She does not know why she did not bump out. She just kept on and the next thing she knew it was the tree,” said the Perez newspapers.

Schwarzenegger wrote about the event in his memoir, “Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.”

“The president and I came too fast and crashed in Barbara, and she got into the hospital with a broken leg,” he said on page 397. “I still have the photo President Bush sent me afterwards.

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Later on Sunday,” Anchor Fredricka Whitfield “asked CNN Newsroom, Bush’s son, Neil Bush, to clarify Schwarzeneggers comments and give their own memory of order events.

“If the whole perception of the crash and yours, you know that your mother is breaking the leg, then he says that he led to breaking your mother’s leg or breaking her leg in another way?” Asked Whitfield “, Because there are different stories out there. What’s yours – what do you remember?”

“Well, she broke the leg that went into one – I was not there, but she broke the leg that went into a tree,” he said.

CNN has reached Schwarzenegger to clarify, but he was in Europe and did not respond to Sunday night.

The actor and seven times Mr. The Olympia winner fondly recalls his experiences with the former president of Camp David and elsewhere in his Sunday Sunday interview.

“We really had a good time up there at Camp David,” he told Tapper. “And as said, it was a great learning experience, you know you hung around him. He was kind of like a mentor and kind of like a father figure at the same time.”

CNN’s Devan Cole contributed to this report.

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