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Arlo presents new “Ultra” smart security camera with 4K HDR video and more

Popular Smart Security Consultant Arlo announced today its latest home protection system. Dubbla Arlo Ultra, the camera's system has 4K…

Popular Smart Security Consultant Arlo announced today its latest home protection system. Dubbla Arlo Ultra, the camera’s system has 4K Ultra HD resolution and is set to boot to consumers in the first quarter of 2019.

Arlo emphasizes that the new Arlo Ultra has a 4K image sensor with HDR image processing and can capture and transfer 4K video quality to user. The sensor also offers “one of the broadest viewing angles in the wireless security camera industry”, which is a remarkable feature for a security camera.

In addition to its 4K HDR video quality, the Arlo Ultra packs a wireless free design that is weather-resistant, which means it can be installed indoors or outdoors. Other features include a built-in siren that can be triggered by motion or sound detection or remote resolution, as well as one-year Arlo Smart Premier subscription.

With regard to battery, Arlo Ultra has a rechargeable battery, but Arlo does not offer details about how often you need to charge it. Unfortunately, Arlo Ultra does not support HomeKit integration, but Arlo adds a new SmartHub to enable IOT features:

9. Pricing and other accessibility information are unclear. Read the full press release below.


Next Generation Arlo Ultra delivers ultimate protection with 4K Ultra HD resolution, integrated night vision nightlight, 180 degree viewing angle and dual silencing microphones

SAN JOSE, California – November 30, 2018 -Arlo Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: ARLO), the # 1 networked camera brand [1] today announced its new flagship wireless security camera system, Arlo Ultra. The Arlo Ultra is designed to provide the ultimate level of protection for the people and the most important areas. Arlo Ultra has 4K Ultra HD resolution with high dynamic area (HDR), night color and advanced image processing, all in a sleek and compact design designed for outdoor and indoor use. Arlo Ultra also includes a one-year subscription to Arlo Smart Premier, giving users a more personal and intelligent smart home experience, run by Arlos sophisticated AI and data technology. The new Arlo Ultra 4K HDR Wireless Security Camera System is slated to roll out to the market in the first quarter of 2019.

With a new 4K image sensor with HDR image processing, Arlo Ultra can capture and perform 4K video quality from the lens to the user. This feature not only provides details and clarity in videos, but allows users to zoom in on their videos to reveal critical information, such as license plates, clothes, or other speaking details in suspicious activity. With an expansive panoramic view of 180 degrees diagonal view, Arlo Ultra delivers one of the broadest viewing angles in the wireless security camera industry, giving users greater flexibility when placing the camera for residential or corporate surveillance. In addition, the Arlo Ultra includes an integrated headlamp that illuminates the night with a powerful LED light, allowing users to see color in the dark instead of traditional black and white night vision.

Arlo Ultra also takes sound quality to the next level for clearer and more natural conversations. The Arlo Ultra is designed with dual microphones and delivers two-way audio with advanced noise shutdown that can minimize background noise and accentuate foreground sounds, such as audio.

“Arlo Ultra shoots the limits of image and sound quality with an incredibly compact form factor consistent with Arlos legacy with ease of installation and ease of use, marking a big step forward in monitoring for the obvious home security market,” said Pat Collins, senior Deputy CEO of Arlo products. “Our new flagship wireless camera represents major advances in video, audio, software, AI and computer display features. The Arlo Ultra is a complete solution for users who want the best possible protection for their home or business, as well as the most ideal experience to connect to their close and dear for maximum peace of mind. “

With a quick and easy wire-free installation and weather-resistant design, Arlo Ultra cameras can be installed almost anywhere outdoors or indoors. The newly built magnetic fastener allows users to easily mount the camera from ceilings, walls, ceiling ceilings or place their cameras on tables or counter surfaces. The Arlo Ultra contains a newly built rechargeable battery and comes with a weather-resistant, magnetic charge cable for indoor and outdoor use. The Arlo Ultra also has a built-in siren that can be automatically triggered by motion, sound detection, or manually activated by Arlo App for additional protection.

In addition, Arlo Ultra comes with the new advanced Arlo SmartHub that connects to the user’s router to provide extended Wi-Fi access to Arlo cameras, handles data traffic to and from the camera to the user’s cloud account and offers a safer dedicated IOT network for devices connected to the Arlo SmartHub. Arlo SmartHub has a microSD card for local storage of recorded clips from Arlo cameras.

To complete the solution, each Arlo Ultra system includes a one-year Arlo Smart Premier subscription (a value of $ 119.88) to provide added security and convenience for Arlo Ultra owners. The subscription service uses powerful AI and data technology to deliver customized messages about people, animals, vehicles and package detection [2]. These deeper insights into discovery activity, combined with e911 access to emergency services local to the camera instead of the user’s location, enable Arlo subscribers not only to monitor but also take urgent action in urgent situations. Arlo Smart Premier also includes video footage with 1080p or lower resolution for up to 30 days 3 . Premium video recording for 4K clip cloud storage is available as an additional subscription or users can store 4K clips locally at no extra charge using SmartHub’s microSD card slot.

For more information about the entire Arlo Smart Home products and services, visit

About Arlo Technologies, Inc.

Arlo is the award-winning industry leader that transforms how people experience the coupled lifestyle. Arlos’s deep expertise in product design, wireless connectivity, cloud infrastructure and advanced AI features focuses on delivering a seamless, smart home experience for Arlo users who are easy to install and interact with each day. The cloud-based platform provides users with visibility, insight and a powerful way to protect and connect in real time with those people and things that are most important, from anywhere with Wi-Fi or a mobile connection. So far, Arlo has launched several categories of award-winning smartly connected devices, including wireless smart Wi-Fi and LTE-enabled cameras, audio doors, advanced child monitors and smart security lights.

1NPD Group, Inc., US Retail Tracking Service, Security & Monitoring, Camera Technology: Decentralized IP Camera and Centralized IP Camera, Based on Dollars, Jan 2018-Aug 2018

[2] ] Package detection rolls out as a beta feature and will be further developed as Arlo users voluntarily share their video content and user experiences with Arlo.

3 Subscription to Arlo Smart service required to access cloud recordings on Arlo Ultra camera system. Cloud storage of 4K resolution video clips requires additional subscriptions.

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