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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Get matching Black Heart Tattoos

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were known to get matching tattoos at the same time, but it seems that things…

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson were known to get matching tattoos at the same time, but it seems that things have not changed even after the split.

The ex-couple who called things in October showed a new black tattoo recently – Davidson’s ink behind his ear, Grande on her left finger – both covered previous ink to each other.

Previously in their relationship, Saturday Night Live the star, 25, got a Playboy-inspired rabbit worm (one Grande bar on the cover of her Dangerous Woman album) tattooed on the left side off his neck.

But just days before announcing its division, Davidson had covered the ink with a big black heart.

Pete Davidson’s Tattoo

London Reese / Instagram; Jackie Brown / Splash

And on Friday, as she plagued her upcoming “Thank You, Next” music video, Grande, 25, she sent a photo to Instagram with her new ink: a black heart on her left ring finger.

The new design hid her cursive “Pete” tattoo, which she had debuted for her fiancé at the end of June, but later covered with a band help day after breaking.

The singer “Nobody Tears To Cry” is known for using black hearts on social media, especially in the wake of her split. After a fan asked Grande if the symbol had a hidden meaning, the pop star stated that it was because she felt “empty”.

“I’m empty and my heart is black now so,” she tweeted on November 15th .

Ariana Grande tweet

Ariana Grande / Twitter

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Davidson and Grande have a total of five shared designs and nine total tattoos inspired by their whirlwind romance.

The last couple also shared clouds on the finger, the quotation “Mille tendresse” from the 1961 film Breakfast on Tiffany’s on the back of the throat and “8418” to honor David’s late father who died in 9/11 on the singer’s ankle and the comic’s arm. 19659002] In addition, the couple had the word “Rebooted” and “H2GKMO” (an abbreviation of Grande’s favorite saying, “Honest to God, Knock Me Out”) on the thumb – which they received after engaging in June. However, Grande has covered the word with a feather.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

Paul Zimmerman / WireImage

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After finishing his dedication, Davidson laughed at his tattoos in his engagement.

“What’s on? Um, I’ve covered a lot of tattoos, it’s fun. I’m f-zero for two in the tattoo [department]” he pointed out on a comedy performance series together with Judd Apatow.

His comment pointed out that before his relationship with Grande, ex-girlfriend Cazzie David’s face was inked on his arm. The tattoo has since been covered.

“Yes, I’m afraid to get my mom tattooed on me, it’s so bad it’s” he joked during his routine.

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When Apatow joined Davidson onstage, the star revealed SNL that his friends had also agreed with all critics who spoke to the couple’s decision to get matching tattoos.

“Of course, you know we broke up or anything, but when I and her first got engaged we got tattoos,” he said. “And it was like in a newspaper that was Pete Davidson stupid? And 93 percent of it said yes.”

“So my boy, he was like,” Do not listen to that man. They are literally hateful, “he continued.” And I’m, “Yes, that’s it. I’m not stupid.” And the other day we were in my kitchen and he was like, “Yo Bro. Showed you were stupid . “”

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