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Apple’s 7nm A12 chip, processor of the iPhone X 2018, goes into production


TSMC, Apple’s official supplier, has recently announced the start of mass production of the chips that will boost the iPhone X of 2018, or rather, the iPhone X of 2018, since we know that this year we could have more than one new phone as it happened in past years. He Appl chip A12 e will be manufactured under the 7 nm process, being the first processor of this type.

TSMC is the main partner of Apple in the face of the manufacture of its processors, after the many problems that have been between the Cupertino company and Samsung , the old one in charge of manufacturing its processors before. Among the processors that begin their production phase is the aforementioned Apple A12, which will give life to the new generation of iPhone that will arrive this same year, probably during the month of September. In this way Apple is the first to benefit from the 7 nm of TSMC in its advanced processor , which meets deadlines to star in the new phones of the brand.

Apple's 7nm A12 chip, processor of the iPhone X 2018, goes into production

What do we know about the Apple A12 processor?

The latest reports do not disclose new information beyond the fact that Apple CPU A12 will follow the manufacturing process of 7nm. This means that the processor should be much more efficient than current 10-nanometer chips such as the Exynos 9810 or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. The 10 nm are also present in the current iPhone, as it is the manufacturing process followed in the A11 Bionic that drives the current top of the range of the American firm, the iPhone X.

Of course, it is to imagine that the biggest difference between the Apple A12 and the current processors of the firm find them in the execution of applications at a higher speed, as well as a greater fluidity when using mobile phones in general. How could it be otherwise, the other great novelty of the processor would be the management of the power of the device, something where Apple still has a lot to work.

It is expected that the new iPhone x 2018 are driven by this processor, both the iPhone X with 6.1-inch LCD that could reach the market in variants of 550 dollars and 650 dollars as the top of the range that would come to the market with OLED panels. There are still a few months left to confirm it, so you will have to wait while you are seated.