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Apple would have reduced the production of 2018 iPhones by 20%


It is expected that the manufacture of new iPhone models of 2018 start next month. An event that requires foresight on the part of Manzana and its partners in Asia. Precisely those agreements bring to light that Apple will reduce a 20% production initial, which will go from 100 million last year to 80 million this. Apparently, everything points to the apple firm plans to sell less , although at the moment it is a forecast.

The supply chain of components for the manufacture of iPhones is once again the focus of Wall Street and the international press. And it is that, during the last years, it has been placed as a indicative thermometer of the demand of iPhones at global level. On this occasion, and in reference to the 2018 iPhones production that we will meet in September, just like iPhone X, iPhone X Plus and iPhone 9 , the electronics industry is ahead of us Apple will reduce the orders of its 2018 iPhones by 20% in relation to the volume requested by these dates of last year.

20% reduction in iPhone orders for 2018

For assembling a smartphone requires the manufacture in advance of all parts and components. A previous work that implies risk of information leakage for brands. Apple, because of the great expectation it generates, is one of the affected and this is one of the specific cases.

Apple would have reduced the production of 2018 iPhones by 20%

Although dropper, the distribution chain has begun to offer details about the new iPhones of 2018. The first records that the order volume It would have been reduced by around 20% compared to the one requested by the US firm last year. In fact, the first batches of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus They were counted in about 100 million units. This year, distributors would have received the request of about 80 million iPhones.

iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, first

At first, one would expect that it is due to a adjustment made by Apple to optimize the stock of their phones according to the expected demand . After all, Apple’s sales contracted by 1% during the last year-on-year period. Something similar to what happens in the global smartphone market. Apple would have reduced the production of 2018 iPhones by 20%

Apple would have reduced the production of 2018 iPhones by 20%

According to sources consulted by Nikkei, there will be a diversification in production of the iPhone models of 2018. And this year Apple will advance the production of the iPhone X 2018 and iPhone X Plus to avoid problems and delays, as happened last year. We must remember that the iPhone X finally officially went on sale in November, when it was actually presented with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and these were released to the market a month earlier.

Thus, Apple would have requested fewer units of the components since Foxxcon, and to a lesser extent Pegatron, will begin assembling the iPhone X and iPhone X Plus in July. In this way, Californians want to anticipate possible problems such as the iPhone X and the TrueDeep camera to give functionality to 3D facial recognition system, Face ID . Apple would have reduced the production of 2018 iPhones by 20%

Apple would have reduced the production of 2018 iPhones by 20%

Problems with the iPhone 9?

As for the iPhone with 6.1-inch LCD , or iPhone 9 if it is finally called that, its production will start in August, a month later. In this regard, the supply chain advances that Apple could be having problems with the integration of the facial recognition module on the LCD panel .

And we must also remember that Apple will maintain the OLED panel in the second generation iPhone X and the new iPhone X Plus, but aims to manufacture a third cheaper model at the expense of including a more economical LCD display. However, all three models will have Face ID.

The direct consequence of this information, as indicated in Apple5x1 , is already noticeable in the stock market, where Apple has already left almost 2% in the Wall Street parket.