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We will not cheat anyone by saying that Manzana have a serious problem with the iPhone X battery , as well as with the other terminals of the company. That is why the Cupertino company wants to hit the table and avoid possible problems in the future by incorporating iPhone X of 2018 a chip developed by the brand itself that stabilizes the energy management of the smartphone.

The battery has always been Apple’s Achilles heel on their phones. In fact, the last major controversy in which the American manufacturer has been involved makes direct reference to batteries. Since it was discovered that the battery status of an iPhone has a negative effect not only on the autonomy provided, but that it also affects performance in the same way , users look askance at the brand.

Apple will improve the battery of the iPhone X 2018 with its own chip

Apple will improve the battery of the iPhone X 2018 with its own chip

All this road has led to Manzana already be developing a new technology that allows to preserve the efficiency of the to battery of the iPhone x of 2018 as well as providing a longer duration to avoid that the possible problems that have appeared in the last months are repeated next year.

A chip to manage the battery of the iPhone X of 2018

The clue about this new movement of the firm is given by one of Apple’s component suppliers. He Dialog CEO , company in charge of producing the energy management chips of the telephones of Manzana , assures that the company based in Cupertino has reduced in a more than considerable way the orders of components related to the mobile battery.

The executive says that it is quite likely that Manzana be the spare part to the supplier, developing in this way an own chip to improve the battery, and therefore, the performance of the iPhone X of 2018 . It is rumored that Apple has been working on its own power chips for some time, joining these to other components developed by the brand such as processors of the A series or wireless chips of the W series.

Apple could implement its own power chips this year, but we do not know if they will arrive in time to star in a iPhone X of 2018 that should be about to go into production, along with the future iPhone X Plus and the Cheap iPhone X with LCD panel . Until September of this year we will not be able to confirm this new information.