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Apple Watch sales predicted to hold dominant clock category by 40% increase in 2019 – BGR

We will not get a specific breakdown of how well Apple Watches sells tomorrow when the company presents its latest…

We will not get a specific breakdown of how well Apple Watches sells tomorrow when the company presents its latest quarterly earnings performance. However, analysts from UBS are out with an estimate of how Apple’s signature portable sells (narrator: “like hotcakes”), in addition to risking a forecast for Apple Watch growth next year.

Highlights: Apple will sell about 24 million watches this year are UBS forecasts. Next year, the company will also see a 40 percent annual increase in the number of watches sold, with the number rising to 33 million.

To drive that point home even more, UBS anticipates Apple Watch growth to stimulate approximately 5 percent of Apple’s total revenue growth next year, which would correspond to Apple selling approximately 1

5 million more iPhones.

From 9to5Mac “The analyst firm also considers the increased price of Apple Watch Series 4 with the refurbished screen to increase AppleCare sales. If the clock costs more in advance, more will want to insure it.

” Evidence Lab, collaborated with UBS, adds that consumer interest in Apple Watch Series 4 is “meaningfully higher” in Japan and Hong Kong compared to last year while “slightly higher” in the US, France and the UK. The report finds that the availability of Apple Watch Series 4 has not improved much since its launch, which quickly became apparent for Apple Watch Series 3, which is a positive sign of demand. “

The UBS report meanwhile suggests that Apple has an opportunity to win more watch fans in the future, as more than 50 percent of the surveyed buyers have so far said they will not buy a smartwatch right now from Apple or any other manufacturer. Apple may surely try to win these fans, provided they will not run for a rivals smartwatch if and when they decide to take a run and give up the idea of ​​a portable.

The quarterly data that Apple shares performance figures for tomorrow will We also note that it will be the first three month reporting period that includes Watch Series 4, which went on sale September 21. And while Apple will not talk about specific clock sales figures, it will be interesting to see what the company has to say so far as a prospect for the upcoming vacation quarter.

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