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Apple reported blocked police iPhone Hacking Tool and no one knows how

Apple's latest iteration of iOS has reportedly shown that the GrayKey hacking device became an expensive doorstep. Legislation around the…

Apple’s latest iteration of iOS has reportedly shown that the GrayKey hacking device became an expensive doorstep. Legislation around the world has taken advantage of using GrayKey to break into locked iPhones, but Apple seems to have finally come across the device’s beaten manufacturer. For now.

Forbes Thomas Brewster has been at the top of the GrayKey saga from the beginning. On Wednesday, he quoted sources from the forensic community that told him that Apple’s efforts to keep bad actors and law enforcement from breaking into users’ phones have paid. According to the report, the $ 1

5,000 tool manufactured by a shady company called Grayshift is now only able to perform a “partial recovery” of data. It can drag a few encrypted files and some metadata that are virtually useless.

A source on record for Forbes, Captain John Sherwin of Rochester Police Department in Minnesota, confirmed that the release of iOS 12 has hobbled GrayKey’s ability to unlock a phone. “It’s a fairly accurate estimate of what we’ve experienced,” he told Forbes.

It is still unclear how exactly the change could have been made to close GrayKey. Earlier reporting has said that the tool uses a solution for brute to force itself by guessing a user’s password until it becomes correct. Apple has on-site protection to stop that kind of tactics and GrayShift’s methods are a close-lasting secret. Not much is known about the company. In March, Forbes reported that GrayShift expects at least one ex-Apple security engineer as part of its team. You can not even see their site without a login given to members of law enforcement, but it has also been shown to work with private devices in a particular feature.

With iOS 12, Apple implemented an expected change called “USB-restricted mode.” This turns off the flashport on iPhone if it has not been unlocked by a user during the last hour. This generally thought Apple’s solution to film companies like GrayShift and Cellebrite but we’re not sure if it did the trick. Apple did not return our request for comments.

If that’s the solution or not, you might want to double-click that your phone is set for USB-restricted mode. You must update to iOS 12 and go to Settings> FaceID and Password. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you want your settings to look like this:

Screenshot: Gizmodo

There are no words if GrayShift’s competitors have hit a wall in their efforts to undermine Apple’s security. This is a big money deal and we can expect that whoever loses his account will work overtime to figure out another solution.


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