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Apple releases the first iOS 12 Beta

403 After the official presentation of the iOS 12 news , Manzana he has not lost a minute to launch…


After the official presentation of the iOS 12 news , Manzana he has not lost a minute to launch the first beta version of iOS 12 for compatible iPhones and iPads. A test version that initially will only be available, officially, for the developers enrolled in the Apple program. The public version It will arrive predictably later this month.

The next great Apple update in form of iOS 12 It is already available for developers. As the firm usually does, initially the first Beta of iOS 12 will allow you to polish the firmware until it is released as official OTA update , something that will foreseeably happen when Apple officially presents the new iPhones of 2018.

First Beta of iOS 12 already available

As the company itself warns, from today it can Download the first Beta of iOS 12 . A version that will give access to the application creators to the iOS 12 news announced by the company in WWDC 2018.

Apple releases the first iOS 12 Beta

Among these, one finds mainly a performance optimization in iPhones oldest In this regard, it should be noted that iOS 12 will be compatible with the models that once were with iOS 11. That implies that the list includes all models launched since 2013, starting with the iPhone 5S.

Download iOS 12 Beta

And how do we download the iOS 12 Beta? As we have already indicated, this is only possible officially if we have a subscription as developer of the Apple software platform.

For these, they only have to address the Apple page for developers and sign up for the testing program. This process includes the download and installation of the user profile that allows the compatible iPhone or iPad to detect the iOS 12 Beta. A process that is performed as if it were any iOS update, from Settings, General, Software Update.

As for the first public Beta of iOS 12 that can be installed by any user, Apple indicates that it will be available later this month through the specific web of the signature. And do not forget that you have all the news related to Apple and its products in our specific portal Apple5x1 .

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