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Apple prepares a paid version of Apple News


Services is one of the most lucrative businesses in Manzana . Today we have talked about the l legacy of Apple Pay to Spain and now we have just learned of a new service that prepares the company of the bitten apple: a paid version of Apple News.

The recent purchase of the Texture magazine application by Apple It left quite clear the intentions of the American manufacturer. And now Bloomberg has been the one who has confirmed the intentions of the Cupertino-based firm to launch a paid version of Apple News.

Texture allowed users to access more than 200 magazines paying $ 9.99 per month and it seems that the idea of ​​the manufacturer would be very similar: offer a paid version of Apple News that integrates a large number of publications to share the benefits with publishers that include their newspapers and magazines in the next Apple service.

Apple prepares a paid version of Apple News

Will the paid version of Apple News work?

After the purchase of Texture, the Californian firm dismissed 20 percent of the workforce to reduce the economic burden and left the remaining 80 employees t working on a version in its Apple News division to start creating the new payment service.

Initially Apple already had a first attempt with Newsstand but the format was not viable and failed: the user paid for each magazine that he wanted to subscribe to and this business model has become very unprofitable, taking into account that other services, such as Texture itself, offered much higher prices. competitive

For this reason, the company wants to repeat the success of Apple Music, uniting the major magazines and newspapers in a single application that has a relatively low cost: it is expected that the paid version of Apple News does not exceed 10 dollars a month.

Apple prepares a paid version of Apple News

Apple prepares a paid version of Apple News

The purchase of Texture has allowed Apple to have the tools and technology to launch this new business model , now you need to get hit with the key to make it profitable. More if we take into account that the company’s goal is to enter 50,000 million dollars in services for the year 2021.

While it is true that paying for a news service is much more difficult than paying for music, Apple could start offering a subscription service at a minimum price to increase the number of users in bulk and go up the price gradually. In addition, the company will be looking for ways to integrate advertising in this paid version of Apple News, what could make the difference as to what benefits it refers to.

Anyway, the idea is not bad. The paper format is in the last , fewer and fewer people buy magazines or newspapers. And the idea of ​​paying a fixed amount, especially if it does not exceed the psychological barrier of 10 euros, to be able to access a complete catalog of contents may be tempting for more than one.