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Apple plans to introduce new advertising in the applications


Those of Cupertino could recreate a new advertising platform , after the closing in 2016 of iAds . A way to open a additional income way , parallel to the sale of services , to compensate for the possible reduction of iPhone sales . Refering to Apple’s advertising proposal , it has been known that it would be integrated in the Search results of third applications as Snapchat or Pinterest .

Google Y Facebook they monopolize the supremacy of Internet advertising business . Apple already made an attempt to hobnob with them, but privacy policies ended up failing iAd . Now, the technology would have in its hands a new business model that aims, as it has transcended through Wall Street Journal , share revenue with the creators of the apps through the search tools of these.

Additional income with advertising in applications

As we have already said, Apple’s proposal for introduce advertising in applications will go beyond the business model proposed years ago, with the birth of iAd.

The available information indicates that Apple has held talks with companies and developers of popular applications such as Snapchat Y Pinterest , among others, to launch an alternative advertising platform.

Apple plans to introduce new advertising in the applications

Its base would be based on offering users advertising based on the searches made by them in the search tool for specific applications . So, for example, someone doing a search on Pinterest would find ads between the results, personalized ads based on searches.

A proposal that would be added to the business model implemented by Apple recently in its App Store , where it offers this type of selective advertising based on the filters applied by its customers when installing apps on their iDevices.

Continuity of the advertising model implemented in the App Store

Of the joint cooperation with third-party companies and developers, Apple would be willing to share revenue, although there are no details about what the percentages would be.

In this way, the US intends to optimize its revenues in the segment of the sale of services, a branch of the company that begins to acquire more and more volume with respect to the quarterly gross income derived from its commercial activity.

Now it remains to be seen how intrusive those advertisements can be, as well as the privacy policy applied to offer the personalization of advertising, precisely at a time when consumers have begun to perceive in a clearer way the treatment that they do. companies of your personal data. A key point, given that Apple has always wanted to distinguish itself from other companies by respecting the privacy of its customers.