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Apple iOS 12.1 is available on October 30 with Group FaceTime, dual SIM, new emoji and more

Apple announced Monday that the next iOS 12-point edition, iOS 12.1, will be available for download on October 30, meaning…

Apple announced Monday that the next iOS 12-point edition, iOS 12.1, will be available for download on October 30, meaning it promised next-generation features including Group FaceTime and dual SIM support for iPhone XS and iPhone owners. XR

The company announced in a press release that iOS 1

2.1 will deliver Group FaceTime, new emoji, real-time deep-control preview and dual SIM features when it looks tomorrow.

Introduced at WWDC in June, Group FaceTime 32-person FaceTime enables video conferencing. The feature was originally slated for release with iOS 12 in September, but Apple postponed its launch in August.

The Retail Group reminds Apple of new FaceTime features, including automatic detection of active speakers. The feature uses intelligence on the device to determine the most prominent speakers of a particular call and illuminates these people by bringing their chat windows in front of and in the center. Windows automatically changes during a conversation based on duration, volume, and motion duration, “said Apple. Chat windows for less active users remain on the bottom of the screen, but on a window it points forward.

A new behavior allows FaceTime to show “ringless” messages when you call more than one person, allowing users to enter a conversation without being disturbing.

Finally, with instant integration in the messages, users can start or join a Group FaceTime call without leaving a text thread. Messages show, for example, a list of active calls in the conversation list and within individual calls. Apple notes both one-to-one and several personal FaceTime calls are encrypted from end to end.

In addition to Group FaceTime, iOS 12.1 enables dual-SIM functionality for iPhone XR, XS and XS Max.

A pin-stick feature in Apple’s latest smartphones, with dual SIM support iPhone owners use two mobile plans on a single device without constant SIM card replacement. Apple’s solution is dependent on Dual SIM Dual Standby technology, which holds both a physical SIM and an embedded eSIM or other physical SIM card in China – addressable at the same time.

Apple’s camera software also gets a bump with iOS 12.1. The update provides support for dynamic previews for the operating system’s new deep control feature. The feature allows the user to dynamically adjust and preview the depth of field in the camera folder, allowing quick access to the new portrait mode effect. Deep control features, which can also be applied after capture, are also available on selfies taken with the iPhone’s front TrueDepth camera.

Additionally, Apple adds more than 70 new emoji with iOS 12.1, including new characters with red hair, gray hair and curly hair, as well as other add-ons like more expressive smiley faces.

Apple did not specify an exact release date, but iOS 12.1 should be available shortly after the company’s media event in New York has expired. With tagline “There’s more to do,” Apple’s collection is slated to start at 10 o’clock in east and is expected to get a word of new iPad Pro, Mac and potentially AirPod’s hardware.

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