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Apple Event Forces OnePlus to Move 6T Launch to October 29 | News and opinions

OnePlus flashed. It had to. The company's new OnePlus 6T phone can be a big deal for the United States,…

OnePlus flashed. It had to. The company’s new OnePlus 6T phone can be a big deal for the United States, with potential T-Mobile sales, Verizon compatibility, and a fingerprint sensor below the screen.

But yesterday Apple went through the OnePlus launch on October 30 event, scheduling its huge iPad and Mac extravaganza one hour before OnePlus was scheduled to showcase its device.

It put OnePlus in a proper connection. “We were equipped with a pretty bad hand,” the company said in a post on its community forum today. “For several months hundreds of people have poured their hearts and souls to create our best product so far. Our goal is to make sure it’s the time and attention it deserves.”

Today, the answering machine announced that it’s moving the 6T launch back to October 29 at 1

1.00. The company will refund tickets or help change travel arrangements for all fans who bought tickets for the event, says it.

Apple is a billion dollar company that tends to suck all of the media out of any room. Changing from trying to compete in a launch event is a smart idea, as it will allow OnePlus to get news coverage, it really needs to compete for how it matters: on store shelves.

Now it’s Apple vs. OnePlus on T-Mobile

OnePlus could be a key issue for Apple on T-Mobile, which recently introduced three-year payment plans that lower the apparent cost of iPhones, told BayStreet Research founder Cliff Maldonado. [19659002] The three-year payment plans will really push Android manufacturers, Maldonado said. On a 36 month plan, an iPhone XR costs only $ 20.83 per month, so it will be announced at the same monthly rate as a $ 500 phone on a two-year plan.

The Android manufacturer’s problem is that their phones often last for three years without deteriorating in performance, said Maldonado, so Android manufacturers will need to pitch their devices as cheaper and easier to upgrade. Enter OnePlus.

“Samsung does not win. It loses to Apple, and Pixel only damages Samsung,” said Maldonado. “But who will come in and say, my phone is cheaper, but you can upgrade it every two years?”

See you now on October 29th.

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