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Apple announces its “Best of 2018” lists of apps, games, music, podcasts and more – TechCrunch

Apple announced today its best of 2018 elections – the annual editorial list of what it considers to be the…

Apple announced today its best of 2018 elections – the annual editorial list of what it considers to be the best content in the App Store and iTunes, along with the best maps of the most downloaded apps and games during the year. As in other years, Apple chose a “best” app and game for every platform, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. It has also rounded off several favorite Apple Watch apps, but did not award a winner.

The best iPhone820 app for iPhone was the iPhone version of the popular Procreate drawing app for iPad, Procreate Pocket.

Meanwhile, the best iPad app Froggipedia, an AR app that lets you almost dissect a frog so you do not actually need to dissect a frog.

Both programs present technology that Apple aims to promote. In the Procreate Pocket case, the iPhone companion is on an Apple Pencil-powered app on iPad. On the iPhone, it instead uses 3D Touch support to paint with your finger. Froggipedia turns an Apple Pencil into scalpel to dissect a virtual frog.

On Mac, the best app image editor Pixelmator Pro and the top Apple TV app were the big screened version of Sweat training program, whose creator Kayla Theines also appeared on WWDC this year to lead a special session.

The best games this year were: Donut County (iPhone), Gorogoa (iPad), The Gardens Between (Mac) and Alto’s Odyssey TV) – the latter who also won an Apple Design Award earlier this year.

Showcase their pretty secondary status, Apple Watch programs did not get a “best” app and game choice, but a small group got a shoutout from Apple as “favorites”.

This includes: WaterMinder, Lifesum, 10% Lucky, Carrot Weather, FunGolf GPS, Swing Tennis Tracker, Slopes, App in the Air, Mulet and Just Press Record.

While the “Best of” selection chose editorially, Apple also presented its annual “Top Charts” finish on iPhone and iPad, which was separated by both apps and games (free and paid).

This is the most downloaded app from 2018. The lists still show Facebook, YouTube, Google and other entertainment apps

  • ]
  • Facebook
  • Facebook
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  • Top Free iPhone Apps – Chart
    1. YouTube: View, Listen, Stream
    2. Instagram
    3. Snapchat
    4. Bitmoji
    5. Netflix
    6. Google Maps – Transit & Food
    7. Gmail – E-mail by Google
    8. Spotify Music
    9. Amazon – Shopping Made Easy
    10. Uber
    11. WhatsApp Messenger
    12. Pandora – Streaming Music
    13. Wish – Shopping Made Fun
    14. TikTok – Real Short Videos
    15. Google Apps
    16. Google Chrome
    17. Twitter

    Top Paid iPhone Apps – Chart

  • Facetune
  • kirakira +
  • Dark Sky Weather
  • HotSchedules
  • PlantSnap Plant Identification [19659013] Appearance lare
  • Actor
  • Sky Guide
  • 1 other weekday: Video Book
  • Wonder Wonderen
  • Afterlight 2
  • My Talking Pet Pro
  • TouchRetouch
  • 7 Minute Training Challenge
  • Forest – Stay focused
  • Full Fitness: Exercise Exercise Practitioner
  • Word Swag – Cool Fonts
  • SkyView® – Explore the Universe
  • HeartWatch. Heart & Activity
  • Top Free iPhone Games – Diagram

    1. Fortnite
    2. Helix Jump
    3. Stage
    6. Love Balls
    7. Snake VS Block [19659011] Survival Rules
    8. ROBLOX
    9. Dune!
    10. Subway Surfers
    11. Episode – Select Your History
    12. Word Link – Word Puzzle Game
    13. Toon Blast
    14. Color Road! 19659013] HQ Trivia
    15. Twisty Road!
    16. 8 Ball Pool ™
    17. Kick Buddy
    18. Sniper 3D Assassin: Gun Games

    Top Paid iPhone Games – Chart

    1. Heads Up!
    2. Minecraft
    3. Plague Inc.
    4. Bloons TD 6
    5. Pocket Build
    6. Bloons TD 5
    7. Geometry Dash
    8. Life Games
    9. Dad’s Freezeria To Go!
    10. Grand Theft Auto
    11. Alta’s Odyssey
    12. True Skate
    13. The Room: Old Sins
    14. Terraria
    15. Trivia Crack (No Ads)
    16. Getting Over It
    17. Monument Valley 2
    18. 19659013] Exploding Kittens®
    19. Five nights at Freddy’s
    20. The Escapists: Prison Escape

    Top iPad Apps – Chart

    1. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream
    2. Netflix
    3. Messenger
    4. Facebook
    5. Amazon Prime Video
    6. Google Chrome
    7. Gmail – Email From Google
    8. YouTube Kids
    9. Calculator
    10. Amazon – Shopping Made Easy
    11. Spotify Music
    12. Hulu: Watch TV Shows & Movies
    13. Google Docs: Sync, Edit, Share
    14. Google Drive
    15. Google Maps – Transit & Food
    16. Microsoft Word
    17. Pandora – Streaming Music
    18. Amazon Kindle
    19. Colorfy: Coloring Art Games
    20. Googl e

    Top Paid iPad Apps – Chart

    1. Procreate
    2. Notability
    3. GoodNotes 4
    4. Toca Life: Pets
    5. Duet Display
    6. Toca Life: After School [19659013] XtraMath
    7. Toca Hair Salon 3
    8. MyScript Nebo
    9. Toca Kitchen 2
    10. PDF Expert by Email
    11. Toca Life: Hospital
    12. Affinity Photo
    13. Toca Life: Office
    14. GoodReader
    15. Toca Lab: Elements
    16. Notes Plus
    17. Human Anatomy Atlas 2019
    18. Toca Life: City
    19. AnyFont

    Top Free iPad Games – Diagram

    1. Fortnite
    2. ROBLOX
    3. 19659011] Love Balls
    4. Helix Jump
    5. Color by number of color games!
    6. Bowmasters – Multiplayer Game
    8. Rise Up
    9. Survival Rules
    10. Subway Surfers
    11. Rolling Sky
    12. PUBG MOBIL
    13. Show Blast
    14. Hose VS Block
    15. Hose VS Block
    16. ] Granny
    17. Piano Tiles 2 ™
    19. Run the sausage!
    20. Pixel Art – Color by Number

    Top Paid iPad Games – Chart

    1. Minecraft
    2. Geometry Dash
    3. Life Games
    4. The Room: Old Sins
    5. Heads Up!
    6. Bloons TD 6
    7. Get Simulator
    8. Five nights at Freddy’s
    9. LEGO® J Urassic World ™
    10. Terraria
    11. The Escapists: Prison Escape
    12. Bloons TD 5 HD [19659011] Monument Valley 2
    13. Plague Inc.
    14. Five nights at Freddy: Sister Location
    15. Goat Simulator PAYDAY
    16. Five nights at Freddy’s 2
    17. Teeny Titans – Teen Titans Go!
    18. Against Titans Go! Apple

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  • Apple also rounded up its best stories

    In addition to the best content of categories, Apple featured this year the most-read stories from the “Today” section of the App Store. 19659002] The newly created and more editorially run App Store was launched a year ago in September 2017, making this year the first full year.

    The store is now not just a marketplace and search engine for apps, but also a place to read about developers who create apps, their businesses, and learn other tips and tricks.

    According to Apple, the top ten read stories featured on popular games and a guide to parents on Snapchat among

    The complete list was included:

    Apple also chose a few editorial favorites, including:

    Music, books and more

    The company also presented its editorial and most downloaded lists for podcasts, audio books, books, television shows and music.

    A few highlights of these choices were the Year of the Year Artist: Drake; Breakout Artist of the Year: Juice WRLD; This year’s song: I like it – Cardi B with Bad Bunny & J. Balvin; This year’s album: Golden Hour – Kacey Musgraves; Most downloaded podcasts: The Daily; Best Book of the Year: American Marriage; and Audiobook of the Year: American Marriage.

    Apple is not the only one that has a “Best of” list by the end of the year. Google Play also featured this week its own “Best of 2018” winners. Its list included the best app, Drops: Learn 31 new languages ​​and best games, PUBG Mobile. It also introduced the “fan favorites” category where users were allowed to vote for their own favorite apps and games. The winners included PUBG again, but for the best app they chose YouTube TV.

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