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Anxiety attack: keys to calm them down

If you are a nervous person or have someone like you or who, directly, has suffered an anxiety attack at…

If you are a nervous person or have someone like you or who, directly, has suffered an anxiety attack at some time in your life, pay attention.

Here we leave you some keys that will help that person to calm down .

What is an anxiety attack?

Anxiety attack: keys to calm them down

First of all we will clarify that it is an anxiety attack. Only if we know its meaning will we be able to see if the person is truly in a situation of these characteristics or not.

  • An anxiety attack is something more common than you think and It is usually produced by an excess of adrenalin that enters the bloodstream.
  • Usually given by fear and we must take into account, being an irrational factor, many times you do not know what causes them or how to control them.
  • Regarding anxiety crises, the duration they usually have is 15 to 30 minutes . In the case of a panic attack the time is the same.

1. Learn to recognize the symptoms

When a person suffers an anxiety attack is usually because a set of reasons that stress you end up taking its toll. However, as we say, there is not always a logical and real cause.

Now, the truth is that An anxiety attack does have physical symptoms .

In particular, when we are experiencing an anxiety attack it is common for them to appear:

  • Tachycardia
  • Negative thoughts
  • Feeling of drowning or even cardiac arrest
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating

2. Control breathing

Anxiety attack: keys to calm them down

If it is important to know how to detect the symptoms, it is not less to learn to breathe. This is one of the keys to finish controlling an anxiety attack.

If we control the breathing we will also have under control the acceleration of the heart.

  • To breathe properly you will have to follow these steps: take air for 5 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, exhale 8 seconds and repeat this cycle for about 5 minutes, as many times as necessary.

3. Try to put aside negative thoughts

Anxiety attacks are usually associated with negative thoughts recurrent Therefore, it is important to know how to put an end to such thoughts and thus stop them.

To try to achieve it a good way is to take air and do the relevant breathing exercises to focus on this and put aside the bad energies.

4. Repeat reassuring phrases

Anxiety attack: keys to calm them down

Try telling yourself, or if you help a third party, reassuring phrases. Each person can come up with some sentences better than others, but in the end, the objective is that exercise a reassuring effect that is able to stop the attack of anxiety .

  • For example, repeat that everything is fine and that there are no real reasons to be like this.
  • It can also be good for you to think that you are going to calm down now and that everything will happen in a matter of seconds.
  • Remember that you have the real power of the situation.

5. Find a space to spend it

If you are not in the privacy of your home, look for a space in which to pass said crisis of anxiety. If you feel exposed in the eyes of others you will only get more nervous .

  • Therefore it is important that you look for a discreet place where you can spend that moment as soon as possible.

6. Do not run

And if it is important to know what to do in the face of an anxiety crisis, it is no less important to consider what you should not do.

  • It is important that you do not run away. Running away from a situation is a monster that fuels fear .
  • You just have to think about breathing and that in a matter of minutes everything will have happened and you will be fine.

7. Do not engage in rituals

Anxiety attack: keys to calm them down

Do not associate overcoming an anxiety crisis to rituals without any scientific basis. The reality is that anxiety crises diminish by themselves and it is essential to give time and know how to breathe to achieve it .

  • If every time you get an anxiety attack, for example, you start praying to pass it you will be associating two things that have nothing to do with it.
  • In this way you will generate a series of superstitions that. If in another situation like this you can not comply. It will end up generating more anxiety.

Just follow all these steps to achieve control and detect an anxiety crisis on time.

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