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Anthony Smith secures Volks Oezdemir's reverse-reversal suffocation

October 28, 2018 Sports 0 Views Anthony Smith secures backlashing shocks over Volkan Oezdemir at UFC Moncton's main event. Anthony…

Anthony Smith secures backlashing shocks over Volkan Oezdemir at UFC Moncton’s main event.

Anthony Smith def. Volkan Oezdemir via Submission (rear naked choke) Round 3 – 4:26, at UFC Moncton on Saturday, November 27, 2018, lives from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

“My leg is pretty tight now,” Smith said during his interview after the match. “He’s just so huge, so explosive. So good. “

Smith asked who he would like to fight, and he said he wanted a title shot – anyone.

Oezdemir says he broke his nose and could not breathe during the battle.

Round 1

They moved gloves to open the first round. Oezdemir quickly came out of his corner but did not beat. Smith immediately shot in and forced Oezdemir on the fence, but not to the carpet. Oezdemir turned his way and now it was Smith fought against the cage. Both fighters landed short knees to the body and legs before they separated and entered the middle of the octagon again. Oezdemir unleashed a series of hard shots to Smith unanswered before Smith could slide out of danger and re-group. Back in the middle of the Octagon Smith and Oezdemir handled short legs before Smith smashed Oezdemir up a few steps with a combo box. Oezdemir tried to put Smith back on the cage again, but Smith could avoid the trap and circle out. They engaged in a bowl bination box where Smith inadvertently pointed to Oezdemir and after a short break, resumed the match. Once again in the round, Oezdemir landed a main park, but Smith seemed unaffected. Oezdemir then began to loosen hard legs and hit, and put Smith up against the fence to finish the round.

We scan the round of Ozdemir.


No hand button to open second round. They were long to start the second round, but it was Smith who rushed Oezdemir and almost knocked him down. Smith charged Oezdemir with a slick punch and Oezdemir responded back with a takedown. With Smith on his back, he tried to have a triangle hook but could not get the right position. Oezdemir began to bleed strongly and got up and then grabbed Smith’s back. From there Oezdemir landed his arms and elbows to Smith’s face, but Smith could take Oezdemir’s hands and stop the pain for a while. The couple struggled to get a good position on the ground, and at last Oezdemir could get a hook but lost it almost immediately. With only a few seconds left, Oezdemir was on his feet, but Smith was still on his feet.

We make a round for Ozdemir.


Oezdemir first hit the third round with a light tape. Smith responded back with a body park of himself, just harder and with much more intent. Smith put together a combination that seemed to hurt Oezdemir, he covered short and Smith looked primed to finish the match. Both fighters swapped strikes with Oezdemir look visibly more tired than Smith. Smith landed another hard right hand, then went to takedown and hit Oezdemir in the carpet. Smith could get Oezdemir back and secure the hooks that Oezdemir could not secure in round two. Smith wound his arm over the neck of Oezdemir, with blood pouring out. Oezdemir did not fight with choke and finally lost in the last second of the third round.

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The show between Oezdemir and Smith was a “don” t flash “mode because both fighters have secured knockouts in less than 30 seconds. Oezdemir has three amazing KOs, the fastest 15th KO at WKN – Valhalla: The Battle of the Vikings Back 2013. Smith’s fastest KO came in 22 seconds during a 2010 TriState Cage Fights – Island Warfare bout. Both men have secured massive finish under the UFC banner as well. 19659004] Function (f, b, e, v, n, t, s) {om (f.fbq) return; n = f.fbq = function () {n.callMethod?
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