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Anthony Davis is already in top form. The rockets are … not.

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Bucks 113 Hornets 112
Net 100, Kolvar 103
Grizzlies 83, Pacers 111
Heat 101 Magi 104
Hawks 107, Knicks 126
Cavaliers 104, Raptors 116
Pelicans 131 Rockets 112 Wolves 108 , Spurs 112
Jazz 123 Kings 117
Nuggets 107 Clippers 98
Mavericks 100, Suns [19659011] 121 [19659024] Schedule Check

On National TV:
Bulls at Sixers, 20:00 ET, TNT
Lakers at Blazers, 10:30 pm ET, TNT

The only League Pass offers:
Heat on guides, 8 p.m. ET

Links Galore

Beautiful, clever piece of Kevin Love’s revival beyond LeBron’s shadow by Paul Flannery.

You know Melo is ready for the season when he releases his signature rebound celebration phase seven minutes in.

Milwaukee just barely demanded Hornets, but if they discover their new crimes, Matt Ellentuck suggests they can win the East.

I question if Warrior’s apparently bad bench is important. I landed in the “do not matter” mode at the end of the column (spoiler alert, you can still click it if you love me) and the Rockets shellacking only adds additional decisions to my position.

Kevin Durant is already ill for questions about free agents. I mean that the simple solution here is to stop signing 1-year contracts.

Dan Devine with a regular weekly column is some good news.

Jakob Poeltl is the only Austrian in the NBA. Austria is famous for classical music. Ergo, Gregg Popovich had some Schubert piped into the training facility while the team was called “Happy Birthday” to Poeltl recently. Classic.

Nuggets were impressive Wednesday. Here is Jonathan Tjarks about how Denver became Nikola Jokic’s team.

Celtic’s biggest advantage over Sixers was size and speed match. Talking about the Cues is not afraid of big, bad Joel Embiid.

Good Marc Spears-piece on Deander Ayton’s Bahamian roots.

Can Ben Simmons average one triple double this season?

It’s hard to be a successful NBA agent.

Otto Porter is a heckuva player, and I think it’s worth getting his maximum deal with everything he does. But not everyone agrees, and Scott Brooks is openly frustrated. Gates pass up shots.

There are three Holiday Brothers in the NBA (Jrue, Justin, Aaron). Washington Post’s Kendra Andrews is talking to his mom about the performance. I just want to have a Holidays vs Plumlees 3-on-3 game at All-Star Weekend. For the most part, we can see a Plumlee play guard.

Yes, I’m shocked shocked – that Mike Krzyzewski is disingenuous about the depth of the scandal in the fake amateur basketball. But hello, now his acclaimed recruiter Zion Williamson has been sucked in the whirl!

Be excellent for each other.

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