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Anonymous ads attack Josh Hawley on arms

The voters around the state receive political letters from an anonymous source attacking republican US Senate candidate Josh Hawley on…

The voters around the state receive political letters from an anonymous source attacking republican US Senate candidate Josh Hawley on a series of questions – from gun rights to his press to abolish former Gothenburg Eric Greitens.

And they mean voters should support a third party or an independent candidate.

Mailers fail to identify who paid for them, which is required by law. But they seem to be linked to a group called Coalition for Safe Safe America, who has run Facebook ads against Hawley and other anonymous letter workers attacking GOP senate candidates in Montana and Indiana.

Hawley, state law leader, drives towards leading democratic later Claire McCaskill in one of the most threatened controversial Senate campaigns in the country.

One of the letter recipients, received by a voter in Clay County, said that Hawley “wants to make it harder to buy rifles.” Independent Senate candidate calls Craig Dear as an “unbearable defender of our other change rights”. Another mailer says that voters can not count on Hawley “to protect our weaponry rights”, so the Libertarian candidates position poses Japheth Campbell. [1

9659006] Another mailer attacks Hawley to call on the Greit to resign earlier this year. Greitens faced two criminal charges, as well as claims that he used forced labor and sexual violence during a deal in 2015.

He issued June 1.

“Josh Hawley led a witch hunt against governor Eric Greitens,” said the post he later admitted that Hawley “unfairly attacked Governor Greitens before he had all the facts that Washington Liberals attacked Judge Kavanaugh.”

O & # 39; Dear criticized gun-rights posters in a Facebook post on Monday.

“The flyer described for us attacks Josh Hawley for his second mode of change and does it in a misleading way,” he said. “It’s not ugly: it’s just misleading. Anyone familiar with our campaign would know that the flyer has no meaning – it criticizes Hawley for allegedly taking positions that we actually support.”

Hawley was approved of the National Victory Association’s Political Victory Fund, which called him a “champion of our Second Amendment Freedoms.”

His spokesman, Kelli Ford, blamed the posts at McCaskill.

“Sounds like another dirty trick by Claire McCaskill,” she said. “She wrote the book on it. This is just more of the same.”

Ford referred to McCaskill’s book, “Plenty Ladylike”, where she discusses behind the scenes efforts to support Todd Akin before the prime president of Missouri Missouri.

McCaskill’s campaign denied all communication with the post.

“Claire condemns all the dark money efforts, including those mailers,” said Bernstein, McCaskill’s spokesman. “Josh Hawley supports anonymous political task, and Claire will continue to work hard to finish it.”

The posters are similar to those circulating in Montana and Indiana, two other states like Missouri where an existing democrat goes in a tight late race. The ads appear to be Coalition For Safe Safe America, a group that is not registered with the Federal Elections Commission or Internal Revenue Service.

The group has run 21 different Facebook video ads in Missouri, some with the same messages and stockpictures as the circulars of Missouri.

Attempting to reach coalition For a sure sure America failed and the group’s website is “under construction”.

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