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Android games on offer for this Easter

507 We often show you lists of Android games all types. As we know, in Google Play there are both…


We often show you lists of Android games all types. As we know, in Google Play there are both free works, which are usually the most popular, with other paid works. The latter, are more numerous than it may seem at first and often, last-minute offers applied to this type of titles appear and contribute to making them more visible and attractive to audiences that already have at their disposal an offer very broad.

Today we are going to show you a brief compilation with some of those examples that, during the next few days and coinciding with the Easter , have suffered significant discounts. Will they be enough to take them to get a higher number of downloads or not? Now we will check it.

1. Day R Premium

We open with a title that mixes strategy with action. After a nuclear war , the world has been destroyed and the survivors will have to remain standing in an environment with high doses of radiation in which mutant creatures live, such as zombies. Our mission will be to create a small fortified settlement in the USSR in the middle of the 80s in which we will have to try to prosper and at the same time, protect ourselves from the outside. After having an initial cost of 4.99 euros, it is now on sale for 2.99.

Android games on offer for this Easter

2. Android games for the most nostalgic

In second position we have Terraria. The highlight of this work is the fact that it takes place in totally pixelated environments in which the characters will also present this characteristic. In the full version, which now costs 2.69 euros, we will have to travel an extensive world consisting of islands, mountains and forests in which there will appear very varied bosses and enemies that will have to be defeated. As we move forward, we will find objects and weapons that will make us more powerful.

3. Machinarium

Now we tell you more about a graphic adventure that has been well valued by users and developers. In this case, we get into the skin of a robot named Josef who must rescue his partner, another metal creature named Berta and who has fallen into the hands of a secret organization. To achieve this goal, we will have to explore a multitude of screens, solve riddles and find objects that will be essential to follow. It has been reduced to 1.99 euros.

Android games on offer for this Easter

Android games on offer for this Easter

4. Sonic Runners Adventure

We closed this compilation with one of the latest installments of the popular saga starring Sonic . Currently, it costs 99 cents and its creators say it was the first platform title launched this year. The theme is very simple and well known: We will have to run without stopping while collecting rings and bounce on enemies and obstacles. The hedgehog will not be alone, as it will have the help of other characters such as Knuckles and Tails to defeat Dr. Eggman once again.

Did you previously know all these works? Do you think they can improve their results with these sales? We leave you available related information such as a list of Android games to download for free.

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