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Andro4all launches its own bargains channel for Telegram!

Andro4all launches its own bargains channel for Telegram!

If you are a faithful follower of Andro4all You will know that, through our official profiles, we usually publish the best bargains, offers and discounts that we find in the best online stores around the world. We’ve been doing it for a long time and we know that you like it, so we’ve decided take a step further . Today we are pleased to announce that, finally, the Telegram channel ” Chollos Andro4all ” it’s official!

Chollos channels and online discounts are kicked, but they all make the same mistake: bombard you with messages with discounts and products that do not always interest you . Do you really like discounts on light bulbs, milling machines or drill sets? Surely not. In Chollos Andro4all you will find the best bargains and deals on smartphones, tablets, memory cards, accessories, headphones … The same as we already do in social networks, but much better!

What differentiates Chollos Andro4all from other channels of bargains?

Andro4all launches its own bargains channel for Telegram!

Andro4all launches its own bargains channel for Telegram!

The great majority of channels of bargains publish all kinds of products , from household items to clothes, through cleaning products or DIY. We know that if you follow a technology bargain channel it’s because you want the best in technology , and nothing more. Therefore, we commit ourselves to three things:

  1. We will not spam you with an infinity of messages: we will only inform you when there is something really interesting (we are specialists hunting bargains).
  2. Only technology, which includes everything from the last top of the Android range to the fashion console.
  3. Links to the best and most reputed stores on the Internet, confidence always ahead!

Another differentiating point that will make Chollos Andro4all love you is that We put at your disposal a wide range of options to receive the discounts that we find :

  • Through instant notifications on your mobile , to find out right away the bargain before it runs out.
  • For him Telegram channel , to enter only when you feel like it and see all the offers.
  • Through the email , to receive the best selection of bargains for you.

You like it a lot? Well now it’s going to be better, because you’re just three clicks to start receiving the best bargains and electronic discounts on your mobile. You just have to click on the following links:

If you want unsubscribe from notifications , go back to the web and you will see that the red button that used to say “Alerts” has now become “Remove alerts”. Click on it and you will stop receiving them ipso facto. If what you want is stop receiving mail , you simply have to click on the link at the end of each newsletter. Finally, if you want to stop receive the best bargains on Telegram , all you have to do is exit the channel.

That easy! Welcome to a new way to receive bargains on your Android!

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