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An increase in the price of the iPhone X of 2018 advances


Without realizing it we are closer to presenting a new iPhone , that from the launch of iPhone 8 and the iPhone X . Time goes by too fast and there is no greater example of that than seeing how the smartphones we have been talking about are already available in the market.

Something similar is about to happen with the iPhone X of 2018 , which already has a few rumors giving shape on the Web, at the same time that today we have new information about its possible price. And not just the new iPhone X of 2018 , or iPhone X2 , but of all the Apple phones that will be presented at the end of the year.

2018 iPhone X price

This time it is the analyst Steven Milunovich of UBS, specialized in everything that has to do with those of Cupertino, who points to the price increase of the next generation of iPhone that the brand launches to the market there for the month of September. However this rise would not be as exaggerated as the one we have seen in the iPhone X only a few months ago

Reference is made to iPhone X larger, which by now we know as iPhone X Plus , which could raise its price to $ 1,099 for the base model, while the updated version with more storage capacity could exceed $ 1,200. It is an increase close to $ 60 per model compared to what we find in stores today.

An increase in the price of the iPhone X of 2018 advances

But iPhone X Plus n or is the only model that is being advanced today, but it also talks about iPhone X (2018) , which would maintain size and design than the current iPhone X but with internal changes. This terminal in question could slightly reduce its price to lower it from the border of 1,000 euros, a drag that is undoubtedly affecting Appleā€™s sales in the last quarter.

Of course this price refers to the most basic model, while the variants with more storage, although they are lower in price, would not fall 1,000 euros and they would stay above this psychological barrier.

It also advances a price for that possible iPhone X with 6.1-inch LCD . Milunovich claims that this particular terminal could cost $ 750 but ,. in a personal capacity, we think that it is too low a figure for what the American company has accustomed us to.

Anyway, until the end of summer we will not have the answer to these price advances of the iPhone X range of 2018 .