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Amritsar train accident | Latest Updates: Punjab Announces State Sorrow

At least a total of 61 people were killed on Friday night after a mass of Dussehra revelers who had…

At least a total of 61 people were killed on Friday night after a mass of Dussehra revelers who had played on the railway tracks while watching a Ravana effigy burned by a train near Joda Phatak in Amritsar.

The injured were Access to various hospitals in Amritsar.

The event took place on Friday night when at least 300 people looked at “Ravana dahan” on a land bordered by the tracks.

Dussehra-tragedy in Amritsar | At least 61 killed as trains run over revelers

When the depiction was lit and the fireworks went out, some of the audience began to retreat to the tracks where a large number of people were already standing to watch the event, officials

here The latest updates are:


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Resident’s protest at an accident event

One day after a train clipped over 60 Dussehra revelers, scores a seat on the Amritsar railway track on Saturday, demanding action against the wailing officials and trainer and seek adequate compensation for victims.

The protests took out slogans against the state and demanded action against the driver. [19659002] One of the protesters claimed that the train went through the area at high speed and that the driver did not brake the train despite the presence of a large crowd.

Later the police removed the protesters when they tried to move to residential areas from the railway tracks.

The police have barricaded the area to prevent demonstrators from putting together.

Local people gather at the accident site along the train tracks in Amritsar on October 20, 2018.
| Photo Credit: PTI

“Why did the government not guarantee proper security arrangements at the Dussehra Festival? Why would such a function be possible near railway tracks?” Sujit Singh, one of the protesters, asked.

Another protest required the victims to receive adequate compensation.

Some protesters blocked the GT road near the train accident. They also required state jobs for the family’s relatives.

A resident considered that Navjot Kaur Sidhu, the wife of Punjab minister Navjot Sidhu, represents the area of ​​the congregation for the tragedy.

“The tragic event could have been discouraged if Navjot Kaur Sidhu turned up at the site on time and did not delay the function,” said Deepak, who works as a painter.

He said that every year Ravana is burnt between 5:30 and 6 o’clock, but this year, Navjot Kaur Sidhu, who was the main guest of the event, could not be “late”. The signal burned around 7 pm “Because of the darkness, the tragedy occurred,” he added.

According to the villagers, the incineration of Ravana-effigy as part of the Dussehra festivities has taken place in the same place for over 20 years. But what has been a source of joy and excitement for the young and the old for over two decades proved to be a nightmare on Friday.


Amrines arrive at Amritsar; State sorrow told

Punjab’s Prime Minister Amarinder Singh arrived at Amritsar on Saturday, almost 16 hours after a train was broken at least 60 people while he saw the burning of Ravana effigy in Amritsar.

accompanied by Punjab congress president and Gurdaspur MP Sunil Jakhar, arrived at a special flight from New Delhi.

He immediately held a meeting with district governors, cabinet ministers and congresses.

The officers informed him about the whole tragedy and the number of deaths and injuries.

The government of Punjab has declared state grief on Saturday.

The chief minister has ordered a probe in the event. He announced immediate ex-gratia compensation of Rs 5 lakh each to the next relative of the killed


U.N. Head, Canadian PM, Russian President Offers Condolences

U.N. Chief Antonio Guterres has expressed his deepest compassion to families and friends over 60 people who died in the accident and considered the incident as “tragic”.

“My heart goes to everyone in Amritsar after Friday’s tragic accident. Earlier this month, I was honored to visit the Golden Temple and witness the warmth and generosity of the people. My deepest compassion to those who have lost family and dear,” said Guterres in and tweet.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also regretted the accident, where 39 of the 61 killed total have been identified so far. [19659002] “My thoughts are with everyone who has lost a love in the tragic train crash in Amritsar, India. Canadians hold you in our hearts tonight and wish everyone injured a full recovery,” Trudeau said in a tweet.

Russian President Vladimir Putin offered a compassion to India on the train accident near Amritsar in Punjab, said the Russian embassy.

According to the Russian Embassy, ​​Mr. Putin offered compassion to President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the train accident. He transferred his support to the families for the victims of the train accident.

“I offer my deepest sympathy for tragic consequences of a railroad accident in the Punjab state. I beg to convey my words of sympathy and support to the relatives and friends of the killed people and wish for the injured soon recovery,” Putin said. Russian embassy.


State limited to the ground: DCP Amrik Singh

Congressman Mithu Madan, organizer of Dussehras event, said he had permission from the local government to hold the event. At the same time, the DCP City) Amrik Singh Powar for reporters that the state was limited only to the ground where the Dussehra festivities were held. – Vikas Vasudeva

Police officers in Punjab at the accident incident along the Amritsar railroad tracks on October 20, 2018, after imprisonment gathered on the tracks was killed by a moving train on Friday.

| Photo Credit: PTI

PTI adds …

Navy Kaur Sidhu, former MLA and wife of Punjab minister Navjot Singh Sidhu, was the main guest in the event.

The event was allegedly organized by Saurabh Madan, husband of Congress Council Vijay Madan. Poster by Navjot Singh Sidhu, his wife Ms. Navjot Kaur Sidhu, council Saurbah Madan and his wife Vijay Madan were shown at the event.

Opposition parties, including Akali Dal, BJP and AAP, have demanded strict action against those who gave permission to hold the event. They have also held the congressional Punjab government in charge of allowing the Dussehra celebrations near the railroad track.


No license granted: Amritsar Municipal Corporation

Amritsar Municipal Corporation on Saturday said no permission was granted to hold Dussehra parties at “Dhobi Ghat” in Amritsar.

“No one was allowed to organize the Dussehra event. In addition, no one had applied for permission with Amritsar Municipal Corporation,” said Amritsar Municipal Corporation, Commissioner Sonali Giri in Amritsar.

She said that the parties were held on the Dhobi Ghat

The commissioner said, unlike last year, the event was held on a large scale on October 19th evening.

“Last year, the scope of the function was not as great as it was witnessed on Friday night, she said, adding that was a small temple on the ground.


Leaves Flying Everywhere: Victims

Jagnandan, a Hardoi worker in Uttar Pradesh, who is in charge of the surgery and is undergoing treatment for the head and leg injury at the guru nanak dev hospital says, “as ravan effigy burned people began to cross double railroad tracks due to spontaneous space, no horns heard. It was about seconds … the legs fled everywhere and I was struck by a … I fell on the ground and suffered damage. “[19659058] <img src = “” data variant = “FREE” data-device variant = “” data-src-template = “https: // “data-proxy-image =” / FREE_215 / VBK-NIP-AMRITSAR “data-proxy-width =” “style =” width: 100%; ” alt = “Relatives mourn near a victim in a train accident at Joda Phatak in Amritsar.” title = “Relatives mourn near a victim in a train accident at Joda Phatak in Amritsar.” class = “adaptive placeholder”

Relatives close to a victim in a train accident at Joda Phatak in Amritsar.

| Photo Credit: PTI

Khanna Saxena, an eye witness to the event says, “While a train crossed earlier, we heard the horn. But when it crossed, the second speed train reached zero and no horn was blown.”

Vijay Kumar, 44, , an incapable father of 18-year-old Manish Kumar, says he has come to find the remains of his son. “I saw my son’s head [decapitated] on the track in an image circulating on social media around 3 o’clock. I’m now trying to look for him from one hospital to another … My world is done.”

– Vikas Vasudeva


Train Interrupted or Derived

The railways interrupted 37 trains and diverted 16 trains on Saturday, officials said.

The railways said that 10 mail / express train and 27 passenger trains were interrupted. While 16 trains were redirected and reached their destination via another route, 18 trains were short-circuited, said Northern Railways spokesman Deepak Kumar.


39 of those killed in an accident were identified: Officials

Thirty-five of the 60 people killed in the nearby train accident have so far been identified, officials said on Saturday.

The injured have been admitted to seven hospitals, they said.

According to officials, the investigation of 29 agencies has been done.

10:25 am

Accident should not be politicized: Sidhu

Punjab minister and local MLA Navjot Singh Sidhu said that there was a train of Dussehra revelers with a train was an accident and that no one had done that with intent.

However, he said that it was a great negligence and asked his opponents not to do politics over the incident.

“It was an unfortunate incident. I talked to a few people who told me that some people were on the railroad tracks and that some were sitting on a rock near the track,” said the minister to journalists.

“When Ravana lights up, some people turned on back. Then the train arrived at great speed and there was no horn and people did not know [about the approaching train] and it happened in just one or two seconds, he said.

Defend his wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu, who was accused of leaving the scene without disturbing the victims, the state’s cultural minister said she was present for patients at the hospital when charges were brought against her.

Punjab minister Navjot Singh Sidhu visits a victim of a train accident at Jodh Phatak, at the Civilian Hospital in Amritsar, October 20, 2018.

| Photo Credit: PTI

“When I talked to my wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu Friday, she was in a hospital,” he said.

“I was fighting from here my wife. She worked here. Friday night when she was accused of her, she was with patients. She called me on Friday. She came to know the incident before coming home. She reached say right here, “Sidhu said.

At the same time, the congressional leader visited local hospitals and met the patients and their relatives on Saturday morning.

Sidhu said when he learned about the accident, he was shocked. He added he was gone to Calicut for a function on Friday.

Refusing to point fingers, the minister said, “Nobody has done it consciously. However, there is a great negligence [behind this incident] … when I speak of negligence, some did not even understand their responsibilities.”

“No one had no intention to do this. There was no motive, “he said, adding that the incident was an irreversible loss.

He also asked not to give the incidence a “political form”.

“The question is that the accident does not get political shape. It’s an accident. Do not make false statements and do the policy on this issue,” said Mr Sidhu.

Train drivers detained, questioned

Punjab and railway police on Saturday questioned the driver of a train that destroyed at least 61 people in the death of Amritsar while watching the burning of a Ravana felling from a railroad track. 19659002] Police officials in Punjab said that the driver of diesel-powered units had been detained at Ludhiana Railway Station and questioned about the incident taking place on Friday night at Jora Phatak near Dhobi Ghat in Amritsar City.

Sources said the driver claimed that he got green signal and all clear and had no idea that hundreds of people stood on the tracks when the train passed the area.

So far no action has been taken against the organizers, anyone is the leader of the ruling congress of Punjab, of the Dusshera event. Police sources believed that the organizers had gone underground.

Railway officials were also gathered with information from the trainers posting along the trails near the Jora Phatak area, which failed to inform the NPU driver about the presence of more than 700 people on the railways watching Ravanen’s firing and other execution during Dusshera celebrations.

“Ravana Dahan” has been in an accident for more than 20 years: locals

For more than 20 years, people from neighboring villages gathered at the vacant plot of Joda Phatak, just 50 meters from railway tracks, to witness the burning of Ravana-effigy as part of the Dussehra festivities.

The fiftieth-year-old Jaswant said the Ravana effigite was burned on this plot, while the Ramlila event was organized at a good distance from the railroad tracks.

The location of a railway accident near the Dussehra festivities site, at Joda Phatak in Amritsar on October 19, 2018.

| Photo Credit: PTI

Mr.. Jawant claimed that people did not hear the horn on the train that came from Jalandhar, because there was noise due to crackers of firecrackers.

Before the train went to Amritsar from Jalandhar who hit the revelers, two trains passed through the tracks, but they slowed down their speed, he claimed.

The locals said that the trawling took place around 19.10 on Friday when the railroad tracks were packed with people watching Ravana effigy’s surf.

“Ravana effigy is burned on this vacant plot for over 20 years, but no such event has happened before,” Balwikdar, another resident, said.

Railways were not thought of event: Lohani

The railways were not thought of a Dussehra event along the tracks that led to the loss of at least 61 people in Amritsar, said railway chairman Ashwani Lohani in a statement .

He said the accident occurred at a distance between two stations – Amritsar and Manawala, and not at a level transition.

“At mid-sections, trains run at their assigned speed and are not expected to be on track. In mid-sections there are no railway staff posted. We have staff at level crossings whose jobs are regulating traffic,” he said, explaining why the railroad was not warned about the assembly by their staff.

He said that street man was 400 meters away at a level transition. He also said that if the driver had made an emergency it could have been a major tragedy.

He said the train drove at its assigned speed and initial reports indicate that the driver drove brakes and the train slowed down. 19659002] “There was no information and no permission from us. The event took place at a location adjacent to the railway market in private property,” he said.

Refuses to award any blame, Mr. Lohani, who visited the site at midnight, said the national carrier has conducted campaigns calling for

7 of the injured in critical conditions

Seven of the 70 injured were in critical cases.

“We will take it forward,” he said.


conditions, officials said on Saturday.

The injured were hospitalized in Amritsar Hospital. “Among the injured, the conditions for seven people continue to remain critical,” said an official.

According to the officials, many of the deceased were not yet identified. A law team has reached the site, they said. The Punjab government has ordered a probe in the incident.

8.30 am

Punjab CM to visit Amritsar

A video of the tragic event showed that several people were driven by a train when they watched the burning of a picture of demon King Ravana, as part of Dussehra celebration.

Punjab’s Prime Minister Amarinder Singh, who has postponed his Israeli trip, will reach Amritsar this morning to assess the situation and meet the victims’ families, officials said.

All offices and educational institutions will remain closed on Saturday due to the tragedy.

On Friday evening, the Union’s Prime Minister for Railways Manoj Sinha, along with Punjab BJP’s chief Shwait Malik, visited the scene to find out what the situation was, officials said.

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