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American Horror Story: Apocalypse Recap: Season 8, Episode 7

So, does anyone remember the thing that happened when American Horror Story 's last season kicked off? Something if the…

So, does anyone remember the thing that happened when American Horror Story ‘s last season kicked off? Something if the world ends, maybe?

… Well, anything. We’re coming back to the nuclear future, no doubt – but from this week we are still kidding in pre-Apocalypse past. And it’s okay that, after ignoring her ages, it’s finally Dinah’s turn to shine. Her backstory: She’s no witch, but rather the new voodoo queen who stays on business by helping Real Housewives of Suburban New Orleans keep their men’s wandering wieners in line. (For the second time in so many weeks we’ll see an American Horror Story throw the member ripping out and eating a raw human heart so it’s fun.) Dinah visits the cold that is open from Cordelia, who wants a rendezvous that only Marie Laveau’s successor can arrange: a meeting with Papa Legba. Since they always end so well!

Like last week, the Legba scene mostly serves as a fan service. We’ll see Lance Reddick and Jamie Brewer back in their Coven roles, and the series’s series goes forward, like a millimeter. Cordelia has a suggestion: She wants Legba to open the gates to hell so she can catch Michael Langdon inside. But Legba, greedy upper hat wearing the demon as he is, wants all the witch’s souls in return. Cordelia says no, and the devil takes his leave (and takes Nan with him.) So that’s it.

The meeting leaves Cordelia dried, and not only because she is bummed about the upcoming apocalypse. Her power disappears, and Zoe thinks she knows why: Mallory is getting stronger, not only to perform inventing telekinetic surgery on Coco (whose powers have expanded from gluten detection to calorie income. Coco!). Can she be the next highest?

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, we meet Bubbles McGee (Joan Collins, in her second role this season.) She is an aging glamazon who makes a horror girl if a killer in a Santa suit in some way is not played by Ian Mcshane, which is a ding-dang rebel), but filming is blocked by a surprise visit from Madison. “You have been called,” she says, because of the Antichrist’s appearance means that all witches must reconstitute. (Re-COVEN? Re … co … ehhhhh I tried.)

Bubbles is a mind reader, making her a benefit for Covena’s next game: a dinner with warlocks to find out what they are planning. Michael is conveniently absent “in the wilderness” (what kind of code seems to be “we wrote to a corner with this omnipotent Demon Spawn plot line, and at least Cody Fern deserved a day off”) so Bubbles faces no barriers to read Ariel’s mind. Conveniently Ariel immediately begins to think of the simplest and simplest terms of how happy he is that they killed John Henry, and how he can not wait to kill all the witches as well. It was easy.

Cut to Miss Robichaux, where the coven is at dinner &#821

1; with a special guest.

“How can you witches sit here and enjoy wine when people will die?” Chablis screeches. (Sidotot: If Billy Porter’s act on the scene is cheating on this season, he does not earn an Emmy nom, I will riot .) But Cordelia explains that she is sometimes known for the coming horror; That’s why she resurrected Myrtle Snow, and also why they will revive John Henry from his ashygrave at a gas station. Mallory, do it! (She makes, tummy increasingly closer to the superiority.)

But will they learn the truth in time? Back at their underground Hogwarts Association, the Warlocks plan. Baldwin has created a poison to kill the witches – there is even a cruel imagination of Cordelia, bubbles and the rest of the women bleed out of the eye balls – but a fantasy is all it will ever be. Cordelia fades in with his entourage, raises men’s mouths a la The Matrix and do not give them back. Damn, it’s cold. Everything ends with Ariel, Baldwin and Mead (which Coco is on one way or another) to the tiles and burns on the stick as you do with witches.

Mead hollers to welcome Satan’s embrace before she gets into flames.

The men, who still have no mouth, say no word.

It’s good to judge by these costumes they would probably go out and scream “Hot Topic!”

An anthology that centers on different characters and places, including a haunted house, a crazy asylum, a witchcond, a freak show and a hotel.

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