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American conunited twins began their lives together

Others and Angi Pitre were shocked – but excited – having twins. Now Angi was shocked; Others said he laughed…

Others and Angi Pitre were shocked – but excited – having twins.

Now Angi was shocked; Others said he laughed hysterically when the Florida couple found out – mainly because he was joking about it and saying that the newlyweds were already in the mid 30’s, maybe they should have two children instead of just one.

However, during the first ultrasound of October 2017, he said the technology grew silent and then began them in a test room. That’s where the couple learned the news: their twins were joined. The doctor told them how difficult it would be &#821

1; most conjoined twins are still born and some of them do not survive surgery intended to distinguish them.

“It can be a lot of care. It can be a very difficult road.” Others said in a telephone interview with The Washington Post. “I would not say we were afraid of it, we were more worried about our children.”

The couple, from Apopka, Florida, knew the twins were joined to the abdomen but did not know how. After the girls, Jesi and Remi, were born on May 15, doctors at the University of Florida Health Shands Children’s Hospital read that the newborns shared a large living and that their intestines were connected. Doctors began to put together a plan to separate them.

And more than two months later – after procedures for preparing them for separation and a six-hour operation to do that – Jesi and Remi were finally apart.

Remi was released from the hospital on October 4, and Jesi, who had some complications, was released earlier this week. Pitres will move his now-six-month-old daughters home to Apopka this weekend, Andre said.

“We had people praying everywhere,” added the 35-year-old. “It was a scary situation, but being linked to how they were the best case.”

Angi had two children from a previous marriage when she and Andre got married in 2016, but the couple wanted a child together.

Jesi and Remi, born May 15, shared a large liver and their intestines were connected.

When they discovered that they had twins in 2017 – and the children were joined – they began to see specialists on children’s hospital, driving back and forth from Gainesville to their home in Apopka, Andre said.

Enter her maternity leave, which developed into unpaid leave, and Andre continued to work at a farm in Orlando. The couple also started a GoFundMe page to collect money for medical expenses.

After the twins was born on May 15th and for many months, it is, Angi began to stay near the hospital while Andre succeeded home again and did two hours of commuting on the weekends to see his wife and his newborn daughters, he said.

Surgeon Saleem Islam, director of the Division of Child Surgery at the UF College of Medicine, said the twins shared a common liver, about two, and that their intestines were joined by a common canal.

With identical twins, an embryo splits during pregnancy; But with twin twins, the embryo does not differ completely, and the twins are in a relationship.

Conjugated twins are unusual and occur once in about every 50,000 to 60,000 born, according to the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital. About 75 percent of them are attached to the chest and share joint bodies, said the hospital.

The severity depends on how and where the twins are joined.

Islam, chief surgeon on the case, said that doctors, nurses and medical staff from two surgical groups spent several hours in July and divorced the twins. Still, he said the girls were left with “very big flaws” because they had shared a stomach wall so the surgeons used biological surgical nets to cover the liver and intestines. He said that the girls will need at least one surgery in the future to completely close the abdominal wall.

“We anticipate a complete recovery – full normal life,” says Islam. “We feel extremely grateful to be able to succeed in this case,” he added.

Others said that because Jesi and Remi were hospitalized and intubated for so long they never learned to breastfeed or eat on their own, so at present they still need the use of feed pipes. And the girls, who have not been able to move like other children, also do physical therapy to help them develop as fast as their personalities are, he said.

Others said that Remi is a bundle of energy, “babbling on and on.” Jesi is the analytical who draws up his plan to take over the world, said the father and laughed.

After so much time planning their births, preparing for their operations and working to help them recover, Andre said that he is excited and relieved to have his family under the same roof. When Pitres flies home this weekend, they will put their twins in the same room – a sea theme price with blue walls, sea shell and sea shell on the shelves.

But the father said the girls will have their own separate beds.

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