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Amena rates offer double GB during summer


Not only Jazztel inaugurates promotion today . As we said, June is the best month to change company or take advantage of the many promotions that operators launch for the summer period. Now they are the Amena rates those that offer double GB during holidays.

In the absence of the big 4, the low-cost market operators begin to show their weapons for the summer. While Jazztel offers a 10 GB bonus until September 23, Amena choose duplicate the GB data of all their rates, reaching to offer their customers up to 50 GB of data to surf the Web on holidays and that they do not have to worry at any time for extra costs on your monthly bill.

Amena rates offer double GB during summer

Each summer Amena usually launches this type of promotions so that their customers enjoy even more of the summer season by increasing the mobile data of all their rates Last year the brand offered free GB, but this time and never better said, Amena doubles the bet and not only Upload mobile browsing capability, but offers double GB in all your voice rates at no cost.

That’s how Amena’s rates stay in summer

The offer presented in the Amena summer rates is valid both for the brand’s clients that already have a contract with the operator and for all new users who hire these rates in the following days. All of them can enjoy double GB until September 30, so you can enjoy the promotion of double of GB of Amena during the next 4 months, time in which we spend more with the mobile.

During these 4 months these become the Amena rates:

Amena rates offer double GB during summer

Amena rates offer double GB during summer

  • The 2 GB Fee goes to offer 4 GB per € 6.95
  • The 6 GB Fee goes to offer 12 GB per 14 € 95
  • The 10 GB Fee goes to offer 20 GB per 19 € 95
  • The 25 GB Fee goes to offer 50 GB per 24 € 95

In this way the rate of 50 GB for 24.95 euros becomes the best alternative, during summer, other offers such as unlimited data rate of Yoigo or to Vodafone Superpass . In addition, the fees of 20 and 50 GB, of € 19.95 and € 24.95, can also be contracted with the FREE FIBER offer Amena that, with this promotion of double GB during summer , allow you to save at the end of the month.