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Amazing numbers: the Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Seven hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Just roll that figure around in your head for a bit. It's the kind…

Seven hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Just roll that figure around in your head for a bit. It’s the kind of money that can eliminate mortgages (unless you’re in Sydney), set up a business or have a lot of great holidays with.

What about buying a single copy of a two-seat performance car that’s obscenely loud , unashamedly lairy and possibly the best thing you could ever hope to point down a public road? That’s the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Big money for big performance.

Its 520kW humbles almost everything on sale today, save for the Ferrari 488 Pista, the Lamborghini Aventador SV … and weirdly, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. All of six cylinders, two turbos and a bunch of ones and nuts …

It’s two-wheel-drive, as well. Ulp.

WhichCar recently joined our sister title Engine for a test that featured a fully-specified Guards Red 911 GT2 RS that tipped the bill at a cool $ 730k. How was it to drive? Absolutely otherworldly in so many ways … While it looks like it will rattle the change from your pocket, I’ve never driven a performance car with such a deftness of damper control and an ability to put power to the ground – without putting you in a tree in the process.

And the speed? Fwoah … it will crack the 100km / h from the rest in 2.6 seconds. That’s enough to put your lunch where it should not be.

But what makes it so ridiculously expensive? Du kan kjøpe 14 Honda Civic Type Rs for samme pris, og du ville være ganske glad. Men hvis du har det beste av de beste appelene, må du gå gjennom noen av de deler som vår testregering var adorned med for å få noe fornuftig av det – og at du klikker på toppbilden to see it in all of its magnificent … expensive, but magnificent … glory.

Weissach Package $ 41,990

Only Porsche can get away with the notion of removing stuff and charging more for it. In this case, the Weissach Package drops a startling 30kg or weight from the car, via a carbon fiber roof and bonnet, and carbon anti-roll bars under the car.

You could have: Mazda MX-5 GT

Staggered magnesium wheelset $ 26,600

Measurement 21 inches in diameter in the back and 20 inches up front, these magnesium wheels feature a single large central nut to remove

You could buy: Audi A1

Leather package, BOSE stereo, reversing camera $ 12,570

Despite the race seats being covered in racy suede, the dash, wheel and gearshifter can be wrapped in leather, while the optional stereo is completely pointless, given the sheer ear-splitting volume of the exhaust system on this rear-drive monster.

You could buy: Mitsubishi Mirage

Black painted wheels, Chrono package, auto dimm ing mirrors $ 3770

Since you spend so much anyway …

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