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Almost brain-dead woman survives after being removed from life support

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By Elisha Fieldstadt

Moments after a Michigan man made the cardiac decision to take her wife of life support, she began to breathe herself.

Michele De Leeuw, 57, was almost brain-dead of a heart attack she suffered in August while at her husband’s home. The day later, one of her doctors told her husband, Karl De Leeuw, that “the woman you know as your wife is not there anymore,” he said.

Less than four months later she has done an almost full recovery.

Michele De Leeuw was without oxygen for 1

5 minutes before the Sterling Heights parameters could revive her, said Karl De Leeuw.

She was then rushed to St. John Macomb Hospital, whereupon Karl warned his two grown children

“When my dad called me after she had gone to hospital, it was that he felt she was dead. It was the deepest phone call in my young life,” said Michele’s daughter Myles De Leeuw, 24. “It was terrible to see my mother on more IV and move than you can ever imagine.”

“I have never seen so many IVs,” Karl Leeuw, 58, echoed.

Six days after Michele heart attack, her distracted family was told she had only 5 percent brain function and 25 percent heart failure.

Michel e The Lion with his daughter, Myles; her son, Jake and her husband Karl. Court of Myles De Leeuw

At that time, Karl De Leeuw was obliged to do what he called the “hardest decision in my life.”

“I took She removed the fan. I disconnected her,” he told NBC News.

“When we pulled the plug, it was just so sad to start living with the reality that my mother is dead,” says Myles De Leeuw. [19659007] But that was not the reality.

“She started breathing herself,” says Karl De Leeuw.

However, Michele De Leeuw had not gained consciousness and doctors did not expect her to recover so she

“Two days later, the doctor called me to the phone and said,” We have had an unexpected event that happened ” Karl De Leeuw. His wife’s eyes had opened.

Two days after she spoke.

“She told the nurse she is hungry,” said Karl De Leeuw. “I said,” feed her well. ” “

” Two days later, she sat up in bed and fed herself, “said Karl De Leeuw

Michele De Leeuw still had a long way to go. She did not know where she was, was not meaningful and still had blockages in her veins.

Michele De Leeuw recovers at the hospital with her friend by her side. Court of Myles De Leeuw

] Today, after open heart surgery, speech and physical therapy are almost completely recovered. 19659007] Tuesday she was awarded Sterling H eights fire department “survival coin” at an event that gives heart attack survivors along with the first respondents who treated them.

“You would not believe it if you did not know what she had been through.” Karl De Leeuw said. “She’s a miracle lady.”

He said his wife came home from cardiac surgery on her 26th birthday and it made him think of marriage.

Karl said over the years that the couple’s bands have survived “for richer or for poorer.” And over the last four months they have overcome “in sickness and health.”

“I do not think there are many couples who can pass the last one,” said Karl De Leeuw. . “To death, share us.”

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