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Almost all iPhone XRs are still in stock but are not fooled: It is still sold as crazy

If you're like me, set your alarm for an evil hour this morning because you have the iPhone XR model,…

If you’re like me, set your alarm for an evil hour this morning because you have the iPhone XR model, color and capability you want. (In my case it was Verizon, 128GB and blue.) Five hours later, almost all possible combinations are still in stock. While multiple colors are not available for download downloads, the only model I found that will not arrive in time, 128GB iPhone XR is yellow via T-Mobile.

It may come as a surprise to iPhone viewers who expect each individual model to sell within minutes after it’s available. After all, it has been as good as any iPhone that came before. By the morning of September 14, almost all available iPhone XS Max claims, with many iPhone XS models waiting for one to two weeks as well. The same was true with last year’s iPhone X. Some iPhone 8 models also showed longer shipping times within minutes after their online availability.

But I would not be surprised if most iPhone XR models were available for delivery on October 26th date good until next week. It’s not because people do not want them. The iPhone XR instead represents another kind of strategy for Apple, one that depends on purchase sales instead of pre-orders.

Pre-Ordered iPhone

Like last year, Apple sells three models of iPhone, but the split is very different. IPhone X represented an exciting new model that made Apple die in a frenzy, while iPhone 8 offered enough improvements for fans who liked the classic design. But an interesting thing happened last year. According to Tim Cook, iPhone X’s iPhone sales led each week, as evidenced by the sharp rise in ASP.

 iphone xr rain shot Apple

iPhone XR is waterproof and has Face ID, just like iPhone XS.

This year, all three models are designed to resemble iPhone X, including iPhone XR with lowest price. What not only raises the low end of the iPhone line to premium design status also creates a bit of confusion for unconscious customers: Why does iPhone XR cost $ 250 less than iPhone XS? Why does the iPhone XR have a bigger screen than iPhone XS? How do I know which phone I want?

That confusion I think is why iPhone XR sales will be picked up after people can see it in the stores. They may not be ready to make a pre-order. But when people can hold iPhone XR for themselves, see the colors, watch the screen and compare it with iPhone X, they’ll be able to decide if to buy one.

People will of course compare it with Apple’s last cheapest phone, the colorful iPhone 5c, but there was an inherent difference with that phone. 5c was basically the previous year’s iPhone 5, so it had a slower processor, less expensive material and less storage than the iPhone 5s, and technically costs only $ 100 less (due to carrier contracts and subsidies over time). We never know exactly how great the iPhone 5c sold, but my guess is to be dominated by the iPhone 5’s, as evidenced by the fact that Apple abandoned the 5c model when iPhone 6 was launched.

 Apple iPhone 5C (3) Martyn Williams / IDGNS

The only similarity between iPhone XR and iPhone 5c is that they both came in a variety of colors.

In addition to getting in a range of colors, the iPhone XR is not like iPhone 5c. It matches iPhone XS on the processor and base layer, it has a larger screen than iPhone XS, and it can make Animoji and Face ID. Most people do not care about XR’s lightweight LCD, compared to XS’s nice OLED, or XR’s single camera vs. XS dual camera. They only see an iPhone XS that costs $ 250 when they enter a Verizon store. then they buy one.

Do not be fooled by the apparently low iPhone XR pre-order numbers. Just because you can get one for delivery on October 26th does not mean it’s a flop or a disappointment. It just means iPhone XR is the rare Apple product that can not be judged on advance orders alone. The IPhone XR is a phone that people need to see first, not to cut it, but to make an informed purchase decision.

I just wish I should have realized that before i put my alarm for 0 2:55 east.

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