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Almost 70 percent of voters are affected by Trumps Administration's latest climate change report

Two-thirds of voters are concerned about a recently published report on the impacts of climate change on the United States.…

Two-thirds of voters are concerned about a recently published report on the impacts of climate change on the United States.

The report warns that current response to climate change is insufficient and that it could be a huge threat to humanity and say: “The global average temperature has increased by about 1.8 [degrees] from 1901 to 2016 and observation evidence does not support some credible natural explanations for this warming. Instead, the evidence focuses consistently on human activities, especially greenhouse gas emissions or heat-catching gases, as the dominant cause. “

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There are many reasons that avocado is more expensive now than ever before, including a farmer’s strike. T-threat against avocados is rooted in environmental issues associated with climate change: hot weather and drought have caused problems everywhere from California to Australia. Avocado is weather-sensitive and slow-growing, making them particularly susceptible to climate impact.

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In September, a report from the nonprofit Climate Institute noted that the area around the world fits for coffee production would decrease by 50% to climate change. In addition to dealing with drought, climate change has made coffee crops more vulnerable to diseases such as coffee cheese, which has dried out more than a billion dollars in crops.

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Warmer and more extreme weather damages hops production in the United States, reports ClimateWatch Magazine.

And drying can mean less good drinks. Some breweries fear that a lack of river water may force them to brew groundwater – a change that the main brewer at Lagunitas said “would be like brewing Alka-Seltzer,” according to NPR.

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At the moment, climate change actually helps oysters, as they grow faster in warmer water. But warmer water also makes oysters more susceptible to oysters, reports Seeker, referring to a new study in functional ecology.

Drills are snails that attack and eat oysters. They are already a problem with millions of dollars for the oyster industry that could get worse due to the warming of water temperatures.

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Maple syrup

Climate change is already changing maple syrup that loses the season and affects the quality of syrup according to Climate Central. South producers fear that eventually, Virginia, like Virginia, will not be cold enough for maple syrup production, even during the year’s chilling spirit.

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Indonesia and Ghana, which historically had the ideal climate for growing cocoa beans, already see reduced cocoa exchange. Chocolate companies, like Mars, have employed meteorologists to study the effects of changing weather patterns and try to reduce the damage.

“If climate conditions in these crops begin to change over time, it can affect both the availability and quality available on an ingredient we use in our products,” said Katie Johnson, director of the commercially applied research group, told Business Insider in September. “To predict how the climate will be like 10, 20 or even 100 years is difficult, the better we can understand what the different climate scenarios and the risks with our supply chain are, the more prepared we can be in the future.”

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If sea water rises more than five degrees, perhaps childbirth may not survive, according to research by the University of Maine Darling Marine Center and Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, reported the guardian.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has said that the Gulf of Maine will reach the temperature by 2100. In other words, Maine lobster can go from more than 330 million dollars to die for 84 years.

According to a new Political / Morning Consult survey of almost 2000 registered voters, two thirds have acknowledged that the results of the report have them “much” or “something” concerned.

However, Donald Trump does not see that way. When he questioned the report during an oval office interview with Washington Post, he said: “People like myself, we have very high levels of intelligence, but we are not necessarily such believers. Whether it’s artificial or not or not the effects you’re talking about is what I see it’s not. “

Trump has often been skeptical about climate change, recently tweeted,” Brutal and Extended Cold Blast Could Destroy ALL RECORDS – Whatever Happened to Global Warming? “

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