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All Xbox announced under XO18

This afternoon, it was a special edition of the Inside Xbox show as part of X018, an event that is…

This afternoon, it was a special edition of the Inside Xbox show as part of X018, an event that is “a global celebration of all Xbox,” and a lot of things were announced for the Xbox game universe. There were many moving parts in the two-hour episode, so here’s a summary of what we learned.

Microsoft Studios has acquired both Obsidian Entertainment and InXile Entertainment.

Matt Booty, director of Microsoft Studios, announced the acquisition of these two major role-playing studios at the end of the show. While both are known for making games in similar genres, Booty emphasized that Microsoft wants to keep them unique. Kotaku first reported about the potential acquisition of Obsidian last month.

Crackdown 3 Releases February 15, 2019.

It Comes To Xbox Game Beware of the day’s release. Together with the campaign, there will be a multiplayer mode called Wrecking Zone, which battles two teams five against each other in large, completely destructible battlefields. It will be launched with two maps, Blackout Zone and Nova Station, as well as two game modes. Developer Joseph Staten said that everyone involved in the game is “busting ass” who works with it.

The original Crackdown is available in the Microsoft Store until 30 November.

You can get it right now.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds comes to Xbox Game Pass.

The battle with a generous match where 100 goes in and just one leaf hits the game. It’s coming soon too. It will be available on November 12th.

Phil Spencer said there would be some improvements in the Windows Store.

Anyone who deals with Xbox Play Anywhere titles knows that there are any complications that can be relegated to the Windows Store, and Spencer talked about taking a “major lead role” to make some improvements to make it “tailored against the players. “

Hellblade: Senua’s victim receives a physical edition.

Ninja Theory’s game about the mind and mythology will be on business shelves. It will also come to Game Pass in December.

Kingdom Hearts 3 will have Winnie the Pooh mini games.

It may not be all that’s surprising, but the dangbear comes back, and you’re

The Final Fantasy XIII Series gets backward compatibility.

From next week you will be able to play Final Fantasy XIII XIII-2 and Lightning Returns for Xbox 360 on an Xbox One using the console’s backward compatible feature.

A whole series of Final Fantasy games comes to the Xbox One. Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy XII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X-2 Everyone will come to Xbox One sometime in 2019.

Civilization Revolution is enhanced for Xbox One.

While You You Can Already Play Civilization Revolution Using Xbox One Backward Compatibility, But There Is A Version Enhanced With Xbox One Soon.

Sea of ​​Thieves gets a new game mode.

The arena is a new way to play The Thieves Sea that crews against each other to see who can get the most treasure and therefore the most pirate glory. It will appear in the game sometime in early 2019.

Xbox with a hat.

There was an Xbox with a hat.

State of Decay 2 adds some new weapons, tools, and enemies in the Zed Hunter update.

Weapons contain crossbows, new silent melee weapons and certain equipment. The team also killed a return to the Trumbull Valley, the place from the original Decay State

. Just cause 4 Rico has done more things … just the reason.

The familiar grappling hooks and parachutes make a return, but there are also storms. Tornados flows across the open world. The new trailer has some stories there, and everything looks nice.

Devil May Cry 5 has a mode called “The Void” for practice.

Players will be able to use The Void as training space for the fine tuning of their Devil May Cry skills. They will be able to spawna enemies, change some of the game parameters, and usually only do training mode.

Cats and pandas come to Minecraft .

If you like the two animals, it will be a great time for you.

The shadow of Tomb Raider gets a new challenge.

It’s a big lava smithy. There are some new weapons, you can play the single player or co-op, and there is a time strike mode.

Mouse and keyboard support comes to 14 titles. Bomber Crew Warface Children of Morta Minion Master DayZ Warframe Strange Brigade Deep Rock Galactic Warhammer Vermintide 2 Warhammer Vermintide 2 ] Moonlighter Wargroove Vigor War Thunder X-Morph: Defense and Fortnite utilize all Xbox One’s new ability to use mouse and keyboard. These games will carry out the new efforts on November 14th.

Winter of Arcade, and a throwback to the Summer of Arcade, comes to Xbox later this year.

The power announced that it exists, but not what the games will be

Forza Horizon 4 has a new expansion coming out later this year.

It takes players to Fortune Island, where they can see lightning and aurora borealis on a large rocky mountain covered by windy roads.

16 games were added to the Xbox Game Pass.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlefields Ori and Blind Forest The thief’s thief Season 1 Void Bastards Hellblade: Senuas Offer Kingdom: Two Crowns Aftercharge Supermarket Shriek Mutant Year Zero Patologic 2 Secret Neighbor The Good Life Agents of Mayhem MXGP 3 and Thomas was Alone .

Not all of these are currently available, and some are not even released yet, but they were all announced as Game Pass games either at present, in the next few months or at the time of publication.

You can watch the video about the full two-hour show on the official Xbox YouTube:

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