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As we expected, Apple today announced its next big software update. It was in the framework of the WWDC 2018, appointment for the developers of the platform and in which we had the opportunity to know all the news of iOS 12, all the details, as well as the version of iPhones and compatible iPads.

It was an open secret. Apple has staged its new version of iOS, the next major update of the operating system of iPhones and iPads. Among the novelties of iOS 12 highlights in particular the work of the firm in optimization. The rumors heard during the last months are finally confirmed given that Apple will focus on polishing the operation and experience of using iOS 12 over the introduction of new tools. However, that does not mean there are no important changes.

All iOS 12 news

The first innovation of iOS 12 announced by Apple in WWDC 2018 is not another that we already anticipated. Apple will focus on improving the performance of less powerful iPhones. In fact, iOS 12 is compatible with all iPhones and iPads that were already last year with iOS 11. All iOS 12 news announced at WWDC 2018

All iOS 12 news announced at WWDC 2018

As far as performance is concerned, the North Americans point out that iOS 12 will accelerate the start of applications by around 40%. As far as the keyboard is concerned, that figure rises to 50%, being 70% for the camera in older models.

The augmented reality also increases its presence in iOS 12, with new tools such as Creative Cloud. A native tool that will allow measurements in real time through the camera.