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All 2019 iPhones will use OLED screens

419 The 2018 iPhone and we have to talk about the models of next year. While the eyes are on…


The 2018 iPhone and we have to talk about the models of next year. While the eyes are on the iPhone X of 2018, the iPhone X Plus and the Cheap iPhone X , the analysts are already starting to give us all kinds of clues about the iPhone of 2019, which would integrate great news on their screens.

According to the colleagues of ADSLZone, next year we will not see any iPhone with LCD . As of 2019 all the phones that Apple will launch on the market will be equipped with OLED panels, such as those that the company has been using in the manufacturing process of the iPhone X released to the market last year.

As expected, Samsung will be the company that supplies these displays to the company based in Cupertino, something for which it has already been prepared by building large production facilities for Apple in recent years. For some time now, the production capacity of these facilities is increasing, giving rise to the thought that iPhone of 2019 they will integrate, all of them, screens OLED .

All 2019 iPhones will use OLED screens

Apple and OLED screens

Last year, Apple introduced the i Phone X, what would be his first iPhone with OLED screen. This year it is expected that two of the three iPhones that Apple will present in September will be equipped with a screen of the same characteristics, leaving the LCD panel for a supposed cheaper iPhone whose price would barely reach 700 euros. This would be the last iPhone with this technology, as the i 2019 Phone they would all go to OLED.

But it is not the only great novelty that we would find in the iPhone of 2019 since, as we have advanced in the odd occasion, the American firm has set in Huawei when shaping their phones of the future . It seems that, as of 2019, Apple will be able to work with three camera sensors on their iPhone in order to improve the photographic component of their smartphones while allowing the development of Augmented Reality applications.

At the moment the Huawei P20 Pro is the only smartphone in the world with 3 camera sensors, something that has served to become the best camera on the market smartphone according to DxOmark. We will see if by 2019, when Apple wants to integrate this technology into their phones, Android manufacturers already add a fourth sensor to their rear cameras.

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