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ALEXX BANKS REALITY STAR BRAIN FLU: Atlanta reality test fights for its life, doctor suspects rare brain flu

Atlanta reality television star fights for his life; doctor suspects rare brain flu ATLANTA &#821 1; A reality personality living…


1; A reality personality living in Atlanta is in coma and doctors think he is suffering from brain flu, a very rare condition with flu-like symptoms.

Alexx Banks, who has acted on ÄGENS “Ready for love” is on life support. The Realization Display is recorded in Atlanta.

What began when the common flu became something more serious for banks.

Fewer than 50 people in the United States have had brain flu. Doctors said there was not much research on the condition.

Members of the bank’s family told Channel 2 Action News they are extremely concerned.


Shaunteh said on November 11 that her brother began to have flu-like symptoms: fever and bad cough. She also said, “What happens?”


that he felt weak.

The family and friends of the banks were not too worried first, but when the disease remained for days and days, they took him to see a doctor.

Banks told his sister that he would be good.

Two weeks later, the banks believed that he was still fighting for a bad fall of the common flu but wanted to make sure relatives took him to another hospital.

He was on Thanksgiving Day and then he was a doctor told his family that they think he has brain flu. The banks later fell in a coma.

His sister said she hopes doctors can officially diagnose the problem and heal his brother.

“I was just thinking bart, “OMG, he dies.” Like, it’s just so serious we took it, she said.

Banks family hopes that a specialist can take a look at the case and find out how to get him healthy again.

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