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Alex Smith Damage: Strange Events, Recovery Time and What's Next

Washington will be without starting quarterback for the rest of the season. Alex Smith has to be mapped out of…

Washington will be without starting quarterback for the rest of the season. Alex Smith has to be mapped out of the field in the third quarter of Sunday’s match against the Texans after suffering a bag that resulted in two broken legs in the lower leg.

Backup Colt McCoy will handle the team’s snaps in his place.

Shortly after the match, Washington head coach said Jay Gruden told reporters Smith joining fractures to his tibia and fibia that will require surgery.

Cameras caught the event in detail, but the close-up image is quite graphic. Here is a zoomed look at the game that caused the damage. You can see the more cruel close-up here .

It was an unpleasant end to a hard day for veteran quarterback. Smith had been intercepted twice a day, with one of these picks returning 101 yards of security Justin Reid to give Houston a 17-7 advantage in the third quarter. He tried Washington to return to battle when he suffered his brutal hit.

McCoy was relieved to find Jordan Reed in the end zone for a nine-yard touchdown pass moment later that cut Texan’s lead to 17-14.

Texans was winning the match, 23-21.

A nasty coincidence

Washington lost another quarterback to a brutally cracked leg the same day 33 years ago. As Smith’s injury, Joe Theismann’s broken leg was caught on the camera, with the leg protruding and everything for the whole world to see. Theisman, who was in the game, quickly noted the similarities.

“It was just a creepy moment,” Theismann said after the match. “It was surreal. You see him go down into a pile and then it’s a shot that showed the leg bent and I turned right after it. I feel so bad for him.”

It was not even the only occasion . The final result for Washington’s game 33 years ago was also 23-21. Smith and Theismann broke both their legs on the 40-yard line.

It was Hall of Fame passing rusher Lawrence Taylor who tackled resulted in Theismann’s injury. Future Hall of Famer J.J. Watt and Kareem Jackson kicked Smith on the game where he was injured.

The injury ended Theismann’s career.

“The memory is alive,” Theisman told ESPN. “It’s like all the senses, all people, all memories, everything that happened in that case, everything comes back to me.” If there’s a positive aspect, medicine is changing. “

What’s next for Alex Smith?

First is surgery to repair the broken legs. Then he begins a long process of recovery.

“Just breaking your heart, because this is what he loves to do, loves to lead the team, loves to be with the guys, and now the season is over and he has a long way back. It’s just hard to look at What happens to any athlete, said coach Jay Gruden after the match.

Smith signed a four-year, 94 million dollar deal with Washington this spring. At the moment, the team is outwardly hoping that Smith will recover when returning to the game area sometime in the future. Whether he will be able to play in 2019 is still in the air.

What does this mean for Washington?

Washington jumped to the top of the NFC East behind a surprising 6-3 start to 2018. Smith’s steady game was a much of it. Rather than letting the team wake in the loss of former quarterback Kirk Cousins, Smith allows a little decay on duty due to his low-risk passage in his pocket. While he had only received 6.8 meters per f rsök – its lowest figures since 2013 – he had also thrown just three interceptions in 301 pass before Sunday games.

Smith’s season is over, of course, and Colt McCoy takes over as a starter.

McCoy had just thrown 11 regular season passes from 2015 to week 11. Beginning the last six matches this season would be the most action he has seen since 2011. He is quite a symbol of a replacement quarterback with a career loss of 78, 9th

Washington already plans to enter another quarterback and has some names in mind, including EJ Manuel, TJ Yates and Mark Sanchez, according to Adam Schefter . Ian Rapoport reported that Josh Johnson will also work for the team .

But Washington is likely to need to win McCoy in the set-up and the team’s 1-3 record with McCoy as starters is worrying.

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