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Albania's Police: Fugitive Poles are seen in the Hungarian embassy car

By Pablo Gorondi and Konstantin Testorides | AP November 15 at 15:30 BUDAPEST, Hungary – The Hungarian government said Thursday…

BUDAPEST, Hungary – The Hungarian government said Thursday that it did not help a fugitive politician leave Macedonia to avoid imprisonment while the police in Albania said he saw he left his country in a Hungarian embassy vehicle.

The information contained in a statement by the Albanian police on Thursday shows part of the route taken by Macedonia’s Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski from his native country and through the Balkans to reach Hungary.

Gruevski, 48, was sentenced for corruption and faces a 2-year prison in Macedonia. He said on Facebook on Tuesday that he was in the Hungarian capital of Budapest and seeking political asylum.

The police opinion also meant that the Hungarian government was involved in part of his passage. Earlier, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s staff, Gergely Gulyas, said that Hungary did not help Gruevski to fly Macedonia.

Hungarian authorities “had nothing to do with” Gruevski left Macedonia and “guaranteed” that he could not leave Hungary now, Gulyas said.

The Albanian police noted that when Gruevski left Albania and entered Montenegro on Sunday evening, an international certificate of arrest had not yet been issued.

Macedonia has called on Hungary to hand over Gruevski, who was Prime Minister 2006-2016 and convicted in May to illegally affect officials in the Interior Ministry when buying a luxury vehicle.

Hungarian authorities continue according to appropriate security protocols, “Gulyas told reporters and added that the Prime Minister was” very pleased “with reports such as Gruevski, a close political ally, living in his house.

Gulyas said that for security reasons, Gruevski questio at the bottom of Budapest about his asylum application instead of at a border crossing zone where most asylum seekers are waiting for their wishes to be evaluated.

The issue of Albanian police rulings issued later, Orban’s office said that it would not comment until the asylum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia said Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov spoke with Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto on the case Thursday. Dimitrov noted that the former prime minister had other ongoing legal proceedings involving serious crimes.

At the same time, the Macedonian Helsinki Committee, a human rights group, the country’s judicial system and Ministry of Interior in order not to prevent Gruevski’s resignation. The committee called for a “thorough investigation” to determine the responsibility of the case.


Testors reported from Skopje, Macedonia.

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