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Alabama mall shooting suspect arrested after a week of shifting police tales

Erron Martez Dequan Brown, 20, arrested Thursday at a relative in Fairburn, Georgia, said US Marshals supervisor Frank Lempka.Brown faces…

Erron Martez Dequan Brown, 20, arrested Thursday at a relative in Fairburn, Georgia, said US Marshals supervisor Frank Lempka.

Brown faces a number of attempts to murder in Thanksgiving Night shooting at Riverchase Galleria Mall, an exclusive shopping center in Birmingham’s Hoover suburb.

First, the Hoover police said a 21-year-old suspect – later identified as Bradford shot and wounded an 18-year-old man and a 12-year-old innocent opponent.

When the police said Bradford probably did not pull the trigger but he made a gun brandish.

Then they said Bradford had a gun in his hand, but did not say he threatened anyone with it. (The Bradford family lawyer said the young man had a legal license to carry a weapon.)

All of this has led to growing accusations of racial profiling and response requirements. But the target has passed to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), which said Wednesday that it will not release information about ongoing criminal investigations.

City asks state to release information

On Thursday, Hoover City officials held a press conference calling on ALEA to release “limited information” on the matter to the public. Councilor Derrick Murphy noted that protesters had demonstrated this week outside the mayor’s home.

 Emantic Bradford Jr. Mom faints at a prayer meeting for him

City officials did not say what “limited information” they wanted the state to publish. But Murphy said the city asks the state to release that information on Monday Monday.

“We have also discussed a follow up plan if we do not get the information by Monday at noon,” said Murphy. In that case, he said, Hoover police chief Nicholas Derzis, to decide “whether he or she should not release limited information”.

When asked why city managers would not raise questions at Thursday’s press conference, City Administrator Allan Rice said they would wait until Bradford’s funeral on Saturday before releasing any information related to the investigation.

Rice said he does not know what kind of limited information can be released on Monday.

But state investigators say they will not publish any information in advance.

“It is highly likely that premature release, including video evidence, would have hindered the progress of the investigation so far, even to deter important witnesses,” said ALEA in a statement.

“As other witnesses continue to move forward, it is imperative for the investigation that SBI (State Investigation Bureau) continues to retain confidential information that agents receive.”

The Hoover official who worked as a security at the mall when he killed Bradford is on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Assassination attempt

Brown faces an assault for attempting to murder in the shooting of 18-year-old Brian Xavier Wilson in the mall.

Wilson and a 12-year-old girl who was hit by a fooled bullet recover from her injuries.

 An Army National Guard helped save a 12-year-old girlfriend in the mall

“Additional charges are expected as the investigation proceeds,” ALEA said.

It is not clear which relationship, if any, the suspect has to Wilson or Bradford.

Wilson’s attorney John C. Robbins issues a statement that gives compassion to the Bradford family and calls for a more dialogue on police raids of dead black men.

“The Wilson family hopes that this tragic event will lead to a genuine, open and honest dialogue not only between African-American society and the police, but also the whole community must be part of this discussion,” wrote Robbins.

“Unlawful police missions of young black men must end. But they will not end until there is rational and productive communication between the entire community and the police force, whose duty it is to protect that community.”

A vigilance is scheduled for Thursday night at Kelly Ingram Park in Birmingham, according to CNN affiliate WBMA.

Bradford’s funeral we will be held on Saturday at 10:00 at Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham, according to his online death movement. He is scheduled to be buried at Valhalla Cemetery in Birmingham.

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